Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sexy Back

It’s time for some fantasy around here.

There is nothing sexier than the feel of man’s hands on me, all over me, but most especially on my neck and back. A hand on the small of my back or the curve of my waist, even with clothes on, sends shivers through me. Mix with that two hands, from behind, pulling me closer, adding kisses on my neck and I become putty in his hands.

A few minutes of that and I’ll be your submissive slut for life. Anything you want can be yours and I will eagerly and blissfully give it.

I recently felt those hands on me, clothes still on, grabbing at my waist and my hips, pulling me, touching me at first outside my shirt, but quickly sliding underneath. I leaned forward, pushing my ass towards him, purring quietly, loving the touch. He smacked my ass and nibbled on my neck and I could feel the moisture building between my legs.

I pushed my own pants down, giving him full access to my ass, wanting him to fuck me right then, but the sweet torment continued. Soft touches up and down perfectly mixed with firm touches to my ass. I heard his pants unzip, felt the warmth of his skin against me, sensed that beautiful cock close behind me. I pushed back with him firmly against me and began to grind, him still pulling on my hips.

My pussy was dripping with juices I was so turned on, but the delicious tease continued with him reaching around me, pushing my bra up and grabbing my tits firmly. He roughly rolled my nipples between his fingers, making my breath catch. I love that. His hands then moved down my stomach to my wet pussy and with one hand back on my waist, he used the other to tease my clit. I love those magic fingers. They make me cum so effortlessly.

With my knees weak and breathing erratically, he whispered in my ear words every woman wants to hear, that I’m sexy, that I turn him on, that he loves everything about me. Beautiful words from a sexy man with a perfect cock. This is a fantasy indeed.


Blogger NaughtyNikki said...

God that sounds fantastic. Very well written and very hot.

14/10/06 9:49 PM  
Blogger frhe sjgg said...

Awesome...... I could feel him right there.... could feel what it must have been like to be you.... I love being taken/petted/held from the back !

Have a great Sunday !
Anne Elizabeth

15/10/06 12:16 PM  
Blogger frhe sjgg said...

Dirty Secret Girl,
You are linked on my blog - would you be willing to add me to your blog links as well ?
Thanks ever so much ! I appreciate it !
Anne Elizabeth of Make My Cop Come

16/10/06 6:04 PM  

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