Thursday, July 12, 2007

Too Long

It's been far too long since I last touched you, felt your skin against mine, felt the heat of your body enveloping me. I simply cannot wait till we're together again.

The next time you see me, there will be no words at first. Perhaps that adorable little "Hi" you usually squeak, but nothing else. Nothing but a deep passionate kiss, my hands in your hair, your arms wrapped around me. When we must, we break for air, letting out a long exhale of relief after these months of being apart. You feel my body pressed against you, my hard cock straining against its confines. You feel me push you back against the wall, pushing your hands up over your head with my own as I kiss my way down your neck, seeking the warm embrace of your cleavage. I feel your skin heat up under my lips and feel you squirm and giggle. You feel my hands slide down your body and slip under the short skirt you know I love, caressing your luscious thighs and squeezing your hips.

Soon my right hand seeks the warm moisture of your sweet pussy, finding you soaking wet already. You moan as I rub gently over your clit and soak my fingers with you, letting them slip inside you only for a moment. You know what comes next. You tell me every day how much you crave my cock, how you want to feel me grow in your mouth, so now you get it. I slowly back away from you, unbuttoning my shirt first so your fingers can dance through my chest hair and tickle my nipples, then unbuttoning my pants. I let you pull them down over my hard cock as you kneel to the floor. Your hands caress me through my briefs for only a moment. You need this cock.

You slide my shorts down and see my cock pop free, flicking a drop of moisture onto your face. You moan as you take it in your hand and begin to lick the tip ever so gently. My right hand digs deep into your thick hair, pulling ever so slightly as you realize you are once again mine. You flick your tongue over my swollen cockhead as your hand squeezes my shaft. You begin kissing it and then slowly easing me into your mouth, moaning in delight as you feel me grow even harder in your mouth. You suck slowly at first, then faster and harder, letting me see every stroke because you know I love it. Your other hand gently squeezes my balls, rubbing them as you feel them pull up close to me, your fingers dancing tantalizingly close to my ass. I'm your plaything and you know it.

Soon we both know what is needed. You must be fucked. I grab you by the shoulders and lift you to the nearby sofa. Your blouse is unbuttoned and discarded in a moment, and your skirt is swiftly pulled off, revealing your bare pussy. You spread your legs and pull me in, and I plunge my cock into you, unable to wait another moment. You cry out as you feel me fill you, biting my shoulder. I hold you close to me for a moment, just feeling our bodies join again, as if no time at all has passed. Then you feel me begin thrusting against you, pressing my pelvis against your clit until you feel an orgasm erupt from inside you. As I hear your scream and feel you quiver around me, I thrust harder and faster for just a moment, pushing you to the next level and another body-shaking orgasm. This time you gush onto me with a heat I haven't felt for far too long.

Now that you have been satisfied for the moment, it's time to give you the one thing you haven't had from me yet. I pull my cock from your pussy and stand back up. You sit up and grab my cock, slick with your juices. You begin devouring me, sucking deep and hard, tasting yourself all over me. I grab your hair in both hands and pull you closer, shoving my cock as deep into your mouth as you can handle. You moan loudly as you feel the head of my cock swell in the back of your mouth, and suddenly you feel the first hot spurt of cum shoot down your throat as I gasp loudly. My orgasm shudders through my body, spasm after spasm shaking my hips and shooting more and more cum into your mouth until it begins to leak out of your lips. Eventually I am done, spent, but you continue to gently suck and lick me, consuming every drop.

It's been far too long...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


It was time for dinner. We reluctantly left our bed, knowing that we needed to get out for a while, pace ourselves and refuel. Plus, he’d promised a surprise at dinner and I was dying to know. I’m such a kid when it comes to surprises. I can’t stand not knowing and yet I love it all at the same time. He seemed to enjoy making me wait, feeding on my excitement and wonder.

Finally, out of the warmth of the bed, he tells me that he’ll be dressing me and that I must wait. Then, with his clothes on, he told me to return to the bed, only on my hands and knees. I trust him completely and so I do exactly as he says. He lays on the bed a bag and tells me to look. Inside there’s a menu from a restaurant and an empty box. The box was a naughty box, containing the most amazing thing.

It was about that time that a felt his hands on me, lubing me up. It was cold to the touch and yet I was burning up on the inside. I then felt him push the first bullet into my pussy and the second bullet into my ass. I don’t know what was more intoxicating, the anticipation or knowing that he knew I trusted him enough to play this game.

He told me to get up, remote in hand. He pulled my jeans on, and placed the remote in my pocket. I finished dressing and we left. I was overwhelmed, excited beyond description. It was a quiet drive to the restaurant as he explained the rules. When I felt the tingle, I’d tell him where it was. I’d take what he gave.

We sat in a corner booth, side by side. After ordering, he reached in my pocket and pulled out the remote. And it began – alternating surges from pussy to ass. It took every ounce of my being to keep from screaming out. I was soaking my jeans with pussy juice, and while he never let me cum, I was so close I thought my whole head would explode.

It may have been the longest meal of my life. I was building and building and building. I was torn between wanting it to stop immediately and never wanting it to end. I didn’t know for sure, but I hoped when we returned to the room that it would end with his amazing cock buried deep inside me. I was right. It was a very happy ending. I have a new respect for surprises.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


I'd reached that dreamy place of comfort right before you fall asleep. We'd spent a couple of hours fucking and sucking and pleasing each other. I was satisfied. I was happy. I was comfortable. It’s not a place I find myself often. My first instinct is to jump up and move on. I’ve not been a cuddler in the past, but I lay there completely happy with where I was and who I was with.

I found myself drifting closer and closer to sleep even though it was the middle of the day and I probably should have considered leaving. Lying on my stomach, he was tracing his fingers down my neck, on my back, across my hips. He shifted and began kissing in the same places he was touching. It was pure pleasure. I’ve never found this comfort before, never felt I could trust someone like this.

He rolled to his back and tugged on my arm. “Ride me.” I was so dreamy, my eyes blurred from the sleep that was about to come, but couldn’t resist the request. I sleepily sat up and straddled him, sliding easily onto his amazing cock. The stamina of this man amazes me. Time after time he gives me exactly what I need, satisfying like none before. He fills me up, completes me.

Still sleepy, I leaned forward, laying on him as I moved my hips. It was as if I was dreaming. His thick cock sliding in and out with his hands on my back and his breath in my ear. It was in that moment that I was overcome with emotion. All the fear of a lifetime left. I trusted him, believed in him, loved him.

Love isn’t a word that comes easy for me. I can say it to friends and family, but to me it’s not the same. Real love, the kind that means you give your heart to someone, has until now escaped me. Sure, I love my children. I even love my husband. But this, well, this is different. This is like nothing I’ve experienced. This consumes me. This feels wonderful and hurts all at the same time. It's unexpected. It's uncontrollable. It's real.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Fingers and Confessions

Let’s talk about fingers, or rather fingering. I’ve always wondered what the draw is for a man to want to put his fingers in or on my pussy. Sure, in high school it must have been rewarding to get to touch a girl there, stick a finger in or two, but once you reach the point where you can actually put your cock in, do you still want to touch us there? I honestly don’t know. Do you?

Fingering is an art that I think any man can be good at, because to me the exploration is the sexist part. The feeling of him feeling around, finding all the spots, paying attention to my breath catching or my eyes opening wide. That is intoxicating. This may not be true for all women, but for me, there’s truly no “right way” to do it. It’s that man, at that moment, seeking and probing and rubbing and flicking and circling and finding that one spot at that one time that will send me over the edge, making my eyes roll back in my head and a wave of pleasure spill over me. Don’t’ be surprised if your hand is soaked in the process.

In return you will get a look in my eyes that not many have seen. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve pleased me in a way that not many have. And, then you’ll reap the benefits by me sucking and fucking you with such passion and desire and raw animalistic drive that your head will be spinning.

So tell me, readers… How do you feel about fingering? Do you enjoy it? Why? What tricks do you use? Chics can play too… tell me what you want your partner to do, what feels great and even what doesn’t.

Oh, and as a bonus, I’ll tell you a little secret…the CBW over at Shay’s (click here)? Well, let's just say that you've now seen my fingers. Call it an early Christmas present for my faithful readers.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Rock Hard

Damn he turns me on. It’s true that I want sex all the time, but he really sends me to a new level. He makes me want HIM all the time. That’s saying so much.

He teased me just a little, kissing me long and hard, touching me all over as if he couldn’t get enough of it. He makes me forget all my insecurities when we’re together. I don’t think about the imperfections that are fresh on my mind when I’m in a room full of people with my clothes on. Completely naked with him I feel comfortable and even sexy.

Minutes into the seduction we were shedding clothes and before I could even think about it I was up on the table, legs spread far apart, pussy dripping wet, begging him to give me his incredible cock. He was rock hard. Rock. Hard. I love his cock. It’s incredible and unique and always pleases me, but this time it was just a little different. There was no give, no flexibility. He was so firm that when he fucked me I was immediately riding that wave between pleasure and pain. His swollen head was pounding into me and I could hardly hold my screams in. My g-spot was taking quite a bruising and I loved every second of it.

I don’t even know how many times I came. I do know that I gushed so that I soaked him, squirting even, causing my juices to run onto the table and down his legs. I came and came and came. He kept asking me to change positions – on my back, riding him, behind me, riding him again, on my back again, doggy style with my head and shoulders down low. When he came I felt it so deep inside me I thought I would explode from the impact.

My legs trembled for hours. I was sore and tired. And yet, I found myself wanting his cock again. I simply can't get enough.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


I suppose I should go ahead and confess it. It’s the truth after all. I’m certain of it now. I know it without a doubt.

I’m addicted. I’m hooked. I’m captivated, perhaps even obsessed. I simply cannot stop thinking about his wonderful cock. Oh I love lots of things about him, just about everything in fact. He has strong, masculine features, great hair, a terrific smile and unbelievably sexy eyes. In fact, I think the eyes are what won me. Wow, I love those eyes. His hands are strong and his fingers drive me crazy. There’s not one thing I’d change about him, but even with all that I’m still most in love with his cock.

It beautiful really – unique and completely perfect all at the same time. I love the way it feels in my mouth, growing longer and thicker, the more I suck. While I could never get all of it in, I still find myself trying, sucking deeper and deeper, pushing the depths of my throat. I dream of sucking his beautiful cock, taking the time to appreciate it fully, licking and kissing and loving it.

The truth is, that I rarely spend enough time sucking it though, simply because I cannot wait to feel it buried deep inside my wet pussy. Oh how he fills me up. When he’s on top, that magnificent cock touches places that no one else has ever touched. He makes me so hot and so wet that I find myself begging him to never stop fucking me.

When I ride him it’s so intense that inevitably I end up cumming with such force and power that I soak him with my juices. He says he likes that and I certainly hope he’s telling the truth, because it is the most amazing feeling.

Then there are the times that he’s behind me, fucking me hard, slamming into me. It’s then that he bottoms completely out, the head of his cock stopped completely by the limits of my pussy. It is mind-blowing. This is what leaves me sore the next day and aching for even more of that wonderful cock.

I never want him to stop fucking me. I want his cock inside me forever.

Friday, November 17, 2006


We closed the door and the curtains (at least halfway) early in the afternoon and didn’t come up for air for hours. I was tingling with anticipation. It was far from our first time, but it was an experience we hadn’t shared. We had more time, more freedom and we had the night.

His touch was intoxicating. I fell on the bed and wanted to savor every moment, every kiss, every look, every sigh. I wanted to just breath it all in and never let it out. We fucked so many times and in so many ways that I can’t even remember where we began. Our passion is so perfectly matched that it’s as if we were truly made for each other – my body created for him, his body created for me.

Our clothes spent more time draped over the chair, or piled in the floor than they spent on us. We stayed in bed most of the afternoon, leaving only once to run for a bite to eat in an effort to build up some energy. The rain began falling, which called us back to bed even faster. Every second was perfect.

We explored each other’s bodies completely, him pleasing me in every way, as no one ever has. I’ve never been so satisfied. I love his perfect, thick cock. It fills me and makes me scream. I also love his hands that can be both tender and rough. And how could I not mention his mouth, with those hot, passionate kisses that make my knees weak and my pussy wet. I simply love everything about him. We are so good together.

The night proved to be just as fulfilling as I’d hoped. I peacefully went to sleep beside him, comfortable in a way I’m not sure I’d experienced before. Our night was a combination of deep, contented sleep interrupted with touches and kisses that led to that middle of the night, sleepy love making that almost feels like a dream.

And it was a dream, is a dream – a dream I want to dream over and over again, a dream I hope to have for a very long time.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Shameless Plug for a Friend

I have an old friend with a new blog. My old friend has found new love and wants to share it.

I’m not sure how many of you are still hanging around here as I don’t post nearly as often as I once did. Anyway, these two are just the sweetest things and they’re crazy about each other and they want to share without worries of judgments or evil commenters. I’ve somehow managed to avoid the hateful people that many of you have experienced. (I’ve probably just jinxed myself though.)

Anyway, go see them. Say hello. They seem to have found what many of us are missing. Lucky devils.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Your Touch

I woke up so wet this morning, dreaming of you touching me during the night, imagining you curling up behind me, feeling your hard cock pressing against me. I imagined your hands moving over my body. I remembered your touch. I found myself trying to replicate it, tracing my fingers over my arms, my breasts, down my stomach, over my thighs. It’s not the same. Oh how I wish it was the same. Still, I continued, finding the wetness between my legs, spreading the folds, exploring within. Again, trying to imitate you, the gentleness and firmness of your fingers, pushing, probing, rubbing, plunging. I grew wetter and wetter with thoughts of you. I escaped into those sexy eyes and then focused completely on your perfect cock. Tingles moved through my body, from my pussy down my legs, up through my breasts, into my head. Heat enveloped me, consumed me. Pleasure took over and a moan escaped through my winded breath. Another orgasm aided by thoughts of you, leaving me wanting more than anything... your touch.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Sometimes I hate the weekends. Weekends mean little contact. Weekends mean no flirting, no silly conversation and definitely no sex. I miss you on the weekends. I want to be with you on the weekends. I want to be with you every day. Again, I’m being selfish, but I just can’t seem to get you out of my mind today and to be perfectly honest, I don't even want to.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


He drives me wild, makes me crazy, sends me places I’ve never been. I sat down as instructed and watched him walk toward me. I love that look in his eyes. Is it desire, want, need? I don’t care. I love it no matter what it is.

He pushed my legs apart and then surprised me by sitting in the floor, pushing my skirt up and quickly licking my already wet pussy. Yes, I was wet. A few minutes with him and I’m wet. Always. Everyday. Sometimes the phenomenon makes for a very long day. Most days, it pays off.

I’m one of those strange women that cums rather easily just from fucking. The feel of his thick, hard cock buried deep inside me sends me spinning. I’ll cum over and over without any real attention to my clit or anything else. Oh, he’s always good to my clit anyway, giving it plenty of attention, which adds to the experience, but because I love fucking so much, I sometimes rush foreplay. It’s nice, but I don’t have to have it to get warmed up.

He wanted to play with me today though, spreading my legs and licking my pussy, making me breathless and so hot I could hardly stand it. The feel of his tongue moving up and down my slit, in and out of my hot pussy was incredible – licking and flicking and sucking. I lost touch with reality pretty fast.

When he pulled back and went to work with those magic fingers I began bucking and shaking uncontrollably. I wondered for a moment how he finds that g-spot so quickly, then just as easily quit caring. I wanted to beg him to never stop, but simply couldn’t form the words. I was cumming and cumming so hard that I went limp. I was almost in the floor when I realized where I was. I pulled myself up, halfway straightening my skirt, giggling a bit.

Hours later, as he unbuttoned his shirt and walked toward me with that unbelievable cock, I couldn’t help thinking that I really do enjoy the foreplay. I sucked his thick cock with a newfound excitement. I always savor sucking his cock, but this time it was even better, oddly enough. He was so hard and long. I love trying to get all of it in my mouth, deep throating for as long as I can. Soon though he was pounding my pussy with that amazing cock and I was cumming again, this time in waves, over and over, my juices running down his balls. Eventually, we came together in such an explosion that I could hardly contain the screams. He grabbed hold of me as if he felt the same way.

We are so good together. It just doesn’t get better than what we have. I feel so lucky to have him in my life.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Waking With You

This morning lying in my bed I was thinking of you. I think of you a lot in those moments right before I go to sleep, and just as I wake up. With my eyes closed, I can remember those moments spent together, focus on the way it feels when you touch me.

This morning I thought about you, longed for you, wished I could reach for you. I remember the feeling of you beside me in bed and I want that feeling again. I want to have access to that beautiful cock in the night and in the morning. I want to be able to wrap my lips around you whenever I so desire. I want to be able to perch over you in the morning and lower my warm, wet pussy onto your morning wood then ride you and feel you filling me up like no man ever has. I want to feel your hand on my bare ass all during the night. I want your fingers pinching my nipples and your mouth on my neck. I want those deep, passionate kisses. I want to start my day by fucking you. I want to end my day that way too.

I know it’s selfish. I know it doesn’t fit into the lives we’ve created. I know it’s probably not even healthy for me to think about. I know it can't happen. I want it anyway.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

First Meetings

The plan came together rather quickly. Everything seemed to just fall into place, all the details nice and easy and clean. There wasn’t even a lot of time to pass between making the plan and executing it and once the commitment was made there was no way in hell I was turning back. No way would I miss this chance. We’d been seducing each other for months and I wanted him more than I’d ever wanted anyone.

As I drove, knowing the time was drawing near, my stomach was in knots. A phone call that he’d arrived and I swear I thought I’d throw up. I sat in the parking lot longer than I should have, trying to catch my breath, trying to relax. Finally, gathering my wits, I made my way through the lobby, to the elevator and to the room, knocking on the door, thinking my knees would surely buckle under me at any time.

The door opened and the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen greeted me. Were there words? I don’t remember. Something about me being tall, resulting in me kicking off my shoes and all but jumping into his arms. No awkwardness, no unease, just total comfort and relief to be in the arms of the man that I’d fallen for, harder than ever before. Little did I know how naïve I was to those feelings even then.

A few precious, delicious kisses, a hug and a few more deep breaths. I wonder if I was pale. I felt pale. I also felt his cock pushing against me through his pants. Can I touch him now? Would that be inappropriate? I wanted to touch him. He must have noticed my knees shaking and suggested I sit down. On the bed. I did, but then pulled him toward me, spread my legs and leaned back on the bed. He continued to smile. Good, he must really like me.

Soon, the kisses became deeper and his hands moved up my thigh, finding no panties under my skirt, seemingly happy, though not surprised. I never have been able to keep a secret. He pulled off my blouse, pausing to look, although I couldn’t focus on his eyes anymore. I couldn’t stop looking at the bulge in his pants. Did I unbutton his shirt? Yes, I think I did. Is that bulge for real? Oh my gosh. That’s incredible.

I unbuckled his belt and starting fooling with his pants. Why do they make men’s pants so complicated with all those buttons? Seeing my trouble, he helped. Pushing them aside, reaching into his boxers, I felt, then saw the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen. I was amazed, astonished really. It must sound like I’m gushing, but I have to say it was truly amazing and even a little scary. Do cocks really get this big? Can I handle this? I certainly wanted to try and right then.

Precum is a beautiful thing. It’s like an appetizer to the perfect meal. I slid off the bed onto my knees and tasted him for the first time, wondering how in the world I would ever get him off, without being able to get enough of him in my mouth. I wish I could say I figured it out, but I’m afraid I didn’t – not for lack of trying mind you.

Soon, probably too soon I was back on the bed. I was so torn, wanting to suck on that beautiful cock, while also wanting to feel it in my now very wet pussy. I pulled him back on top of me, somehow getting my skirt off – another detail I can’t remember. He began rubbing the head of his cock up and down my slit, feeling my wetness and then ever so gently pushed inside of me. I don’t know how I didn’t cum right then. What fullness and pleasure and perfection. I think my eyes flew open just in time with the moan escaping from deep in my throat.

What happened from there is the kind of sex you see perfectly executed in movies, but never in real life. We had great rhythm, my hips meeting his plunges in perfect time, my legs falling comfortably around his legs and back. He filled me up like no man before him and sent me into a place of tranquility that I’d never felt. We rocked on for quite a long time, given the excitement we’d built up. We’d both speculated we’d explode rather quickly, but that simply wasn’t the case at all.

There was a point though, a point where the passion took over, where I lost control. I was so taken with the pleasure of it all, the realization of how effortless our love making was that I surrendered control and let my mind and my soul drift away into a beautiful, peaceful place. When I felt the waves begin I didn’t even try to stop them. My breath caught, my back arched, my eyes rolled and my pussy contracted, grabbing hold of him, hoping to never let go. Suddenly I was aware of his own release, feeling his beautiful cock swell even more and pump and twitch. I felt hot cum join my own juices as we sighed and moaned and gasped in release.

Cumming together is a beautiful thing. It’s the kind of thing that people write about and fantasize about but doesn’t happen very often, at least not in my experience. This was perfect though, a sign of the fate of the experience, our relationship as a whole. You always remember the first time. With this man, I will remember every time.

Monday, October 16, 2006


We met in an unconventional way. We have an unconventional relationship. Most of the people we know and love and trust would not approve. None of that matters. We know what we have is real and valid and precious. We think we’re lucky to have found each other.

Some months ago we connected. He said things that intrigued me, made me want to know more. He’d have to tell you what attracted him to me, but I imagine it was some of the same, along with a nice shot of my tits of course. For whatever the reason, we were drawn to each other, both needing a little something more than what our current situations offer.

We began innocently enough, exchanging email, chatting, finding we had a many things in common and yet accepting the not-so-common. Eventually there would be a phone call and more. Finally, there was a confession on both our parts of real feelings and desires that neither of us really knew what to do with. At some point, we recognized the need to meet for real, in real life, to act on all the fantasies we’d role played and typed and talked about. That need has built for some time.

And now we draw close to that time. Plans have been made. The anticipation is intoxicating. There are so many things I look forward to. I long for that first kiss, the first time our tongues meet. I can’t wait to feel his hand on my face, my back, in my hair, on my ass. I can’t wait to touch him, feel his body close to mine. I can’t wait to feel his amazing cock pressed against me, growing in anticipation. I wonder how long we’ll wait. I wonder if we’ll pause and savor the moment or be fucking like animals in mere minutes. Will it be soft and tender or passion mixed with frenzy?

Of course there are fears too. At least on my part. While I know all I need to know about him to be certain that I’ll be attracted to him and enjoy spending time with him, I worry that he won’t feel the same. He’s seen accurate, current pictures, but I’m afraid he’ll see me in person and decide I’m nearly as sexy as he thought.

Beyond that small fear is a much larger one. Part of me is quite fearful that things will be just as perfect as we’ve imagined. That must sound crazy, but it is true nonetheless. What if we’re perfect together? What if he satisfies me like none other? What if we have a bond that send us spiraling into a love so deep that nothing else can compare? What if it’s a burden to go back to our real lives and pretend that nothing happened? Are we opening a Pandora’s box that will be impossible to close? I don’t know.

I do know that there’s no turning back now. I fully intend to see this through. It may very well be the most selfish thing I’ve ever done, but I have convinced myself that I deserve it. I owe it to myself to be with someone that craves me as much as I crave them. I owe it to myself to quite possibly feel what true, passionate love feels like physically. I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want this.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Sexy Back

It’s time for some fantasy around here.

There is nothing sexier than the feel of man’s hands on me, all over me, but most especially on my neck and back. A hand on the small of my back or the curve of my waist, even with clothes on, sends shivers through me. Mix with that two hands, from behind, pulling me closer, adding kisses on my neck and I become putty in his hands.

A few minutes of that and I’ll be your submissive slut for life. Anything you want can be yours and I will eagerly and blissfully give it.

I recently felt those hands on me, clothes still on, grabbing at my waist and my hips, pulling me, touching me at first outside my shirt, but quickly sliding underneath. I leaned forward, pushing my ass towards him, purring quietly, loving the touch. He smacked my ass and nibbled on my neck and I could feel the moisture building between my legs.

I pushed my own pants down, giving him full access to my ass, wanting him to fuck me right then, but the sweet torment continued. Soft touches up and down perfectly mixed with firm touches to my ass. I heard his pants unzip, felt the warmth of his skin against me, sensed that beautiful cock close behind me. I pushed back with him firmly against me and began to grind, him still pulling on my hips.

My pussy was dripping with juices I was so turned on, but the delicious tease continued with him reaching around me, pushing my bra up and grabbing my tits firmly. He roughly rolled my nipples between his fingers, making my breath catch. I love that. His hands then moved down my stomach to my wet pussy and with one hand back on my waist, he used the other to tease my clit. I love those magic fingers. They make me cum so effortlessly.

With my knees weak and breathing erratically, he whispered in my ear words every woman wants to hear, that I’m sexy, that I turn him on, that he loves everything about me. Beautiful words from a sexy man with a perfect cock. This is a fantasy indeed.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Other Woman

I’ve become very aware of the fact that I’m the other woman. The “other” woman. I don’t think I want to be the other woman. I want to be “the” woman. I want to feel special and loved and needed and wanted every day, not just the days he can meet me, not the days that he’s horny, not just in a hotel room.

I want to have my cake and eat it too. I want comfort and love and commitment mixed with mind blowing, fuck-me-like-there’s-no-tomorrow sex. And why can’t I have that? Am I not special enough? Not pretty enough? Not a good enough lover? Does anyone have that?

I don’t blame her or even him. I know he loves her. I know she’s special and believe me, no one wants to protect her and her feelings more than me. I know he’s doing the right thing in staying, as am I, but there’s a part of me that also knows I’m settling for less than what I want or even what I think I deserve.

I’m strong and independent and self sufficient. I learned at a very young age how to take care of myself, how to survive. Part of that survival involved becoming a bit cold and accepting that sometimes we do things out of necessity, not out of passion. I settled for less in an effort to make life easier, not knowing that I could or even wanted more. Now, many years later I’m still in this situation of comfort and ease, trading in fervor and excitement and what would ultimately feel best for me.

I just want to be chosen. I want someone to be willing to give everything to me, not just a hard cock and a few stolen hours. I want to be special every day and know that I’m with the one person I can’t live without. I want to know that he’s with me because he can’t imagine one morning or night without me.

Perhaps it’s selfish. Perhaps it’s unobtainable. I may never know. I want it nonetheless.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I don’t know where to start and I definitely don’t ever want to finish. I want to remember every touch, every taste, every look. I want the sight of you hovering over me burned in my head. I want to never forget the feeling of you buried deep inside of me, never forget the feel of your hand on the small of my back, never forget the sound of you breathing deeply in my ear as I come over and over and never forget the perfection of it all.

We were made for each other. I will never doubt fate again. I believe that I found you for a reason. Actually, I believe we found each other for several reasons. No one has ever fucked me like you. No one will ever fuck me like you. The intensity, the passion, the raw emotion of it all surprises me, satisfies me and still leaves me eager for more.

I’m ruined now in that I will surely never find anyone that can satisfy me as you do. You do own me and I can’t think of any place I’d rather be. If I’m dreaming, I hope I never wake up.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I feel naughty today.
I want you.
No words.
No conversation.
No excuses.
Just your cock in my pussy.
Hard and fast.
Can you do that for me?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tastes and Smells

I wouldn’t say that I especially love the way my pussy smells or tastes. I don’t crave it or anything. I certainly don’t lick my fingers after I’ve fingered myself or enjoy the smell when I’m alone. Years of marriage to a man that doesn’t touch my pussy or taste it have taught me that there must be something less than appealing about it. And yet…

There is something so sexy, so hot, so intoxicatingly tempting about smelling me on him. I don’t know what I taste like exactly, but I know what I taste like on him and it is delicious. And I don’t even care where or how – his fingers in my mouth after he’s fingered me like only he can, his mouth after he’s teased my clit with his tongue, and then his amazing cock after he’s fucked me nice and hard.

I recently spent some time on a desk, on my back. Legs spread, back arched, the most incredible cock plunging deeper and deeper inside of me. When he pulled away I asked him to come closer, staying on my back. I lay there, in full view, head turned to the side, begging him to let me have that thick cock in my mouth. He stood beside me as I sucked and licked him, enjoying every second of it. The feel of his hands on me, pinching my nipples, touching me as if there was nothing he’d rather do.

He encouraged me to touch myself as I sucked, playing with my clit, already tender from the orgasms I’d been given. I obliged though, rubbing gently, sucking harder and harder. He would eventually pull away and move to the end of the desk, filling my pussy up again, letting me cum once more before shooting his hot load inside me. I'll never get tired of that feeling.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Five Variable Love Profile

This is pretty interesting. I'm not sure its entirely accurate, but it is more than a little bit familiar...

Your Five Variable Love Profile

Propensity for Monogamy:

Your propensity for monogamy is low.
You see love as a gift that you should give to many.
It's hard for you to imagine being with one person at at time...
Let alone one person for the rest of your life!

Experience Level:

Your experience level is high.
You've loved, lost, and loved again.
You have had a wide range of love experiences.
And when the real thing comes along, you know it!


Your dominance is low.
This doesn't mean you're a doormat, just balanced.
You know a relationship is not about getting your way.
And you love to give your sweetie a lot of freedom.


Your cynicism is low.
You are an eternal optimist when it comes to love and romance.
No matter how many times you've been hurt - you're never bitter.
You believe in one true love, your perfect soulmate.
And if you haven't found true love yet, you know you will soon.


Your independence is medium.
In relationships, you need both "me time" and "we time."
You usually find it easy to be part of a couple.
But occasionally you start to feel a little smothered.