Friday, November 17, 2006


We closed the door and the curtains (at least halfway) early in the afternoon and didn’t come up for air for hours. I was tingling with anticipation. It was far from our first time, but it was an experience we hadn’t shared. We had more time, more freedom and we had the night.

His touch was intoxicating. I fell on the bed and wanted to savor every moment, every kiss, every look, every sigh. I wanted to just breath it all in and never let it out. We fucked so many times and in so many ways that I can’t even remember where we began. Our passion is so perfectly matched that it’s as if we were truly made for each other – my body created for him, his body created for me.

Our clothes spent more time draped over the chair, or piled in the floor than they spent on us. We stayed in bed most of the afternoon, leaving only once to run for a bite to eat in an effort to build up some energy. The rain began falling, which called us back to bed even faster. Every second was perfect.

We explored each other’s bodies completely, him pleasing me in every way, as no one ever has. I’ve never been so satisfied. I love his perfect, thick cock. It fills me and makes me scream. I also love his hands that can be both tender and rough. And how could I not mention his mouth, with those hot, passionate kisses that make my knees weak and my pussy wet. I simply love everything about him. We are so good together.

The night proved to be just as fulfilling as I’d hoped. I peacefully went to sleep beside him, comfortable in a way I’m not sure I’d experienced before. Our night was a combination of deep, contented sleep interrupted with touches and kisses that led to that middle of the night, sleepy love making that almost feels like a dream.

And it was a dream, is a dream – a dream I want to dream over and over again, a dream I hope to have for a very long time.


Blogger Jack said...

sounds wonderful, just how i would hope it would be, your very lucky!

18/11/06 4:31 PM  
Blogger Rae'sSecret said...

Sweet dreams hun.

22/11/06 9:49 AM  
Blogger Mistify said...

if only we didnt have to wake up from those

27/11/06 4:03 PM  

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