Thursday, December 07, 2006

Fingers and Confessions

Let’s talk about fingers, or rather fingering. I’ve always wondered what the draw is for a man to want to put his fingers in or on my pussy. Sure, in high school it must have been rewarding to get to touch a girl there, stick a finger in or two, but once you reach the point where you can actually put your cock in, do you still want to touch us there? I honestly don’t know. Do you?

Fingering is an art that I think any man can be good at, because to me the exploration is the sexist part. The feeling of him feeling around, finding all the spots, paying attention to my breath catching or my eyes opening wide. That is intoxicating. This may not be true for all women, but for me, there’s truly no “right way” to do it. It’s that man, at that moment, seeking and probing and rubbing and flicking and circling and finding that one spot at that one time that will send me over the edge, making my eyes roll back in my head and a wave of pleasure spill over me. Don’t’ be surprised if your hand is soaked in the process.

In return you will get a look in my eyes that not many have seen. You’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve pleased me in a way that not many have. And, then you’ll reap the benefits by me sucking and fucking you with such passion and desire and raw animalistic drive that your head will be spinning.

So tell me, readers… How do you feel about fingering? Do you enjoy it? Why? What tricks do you use? Chics can play too… tell me what you want your partner to do, what feels great and even what doesn’t.

Oh, and as a bonus, I’ll tell you a little secret…the CBW over at Shay’s (click here)? Well, let's just say that you've now seen my fingers. Call it an early Christmas present for my faithful readers.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Rock Hard

Damn he turns me on. It’s true that I want sex all the time, but he really sends me to a new level. He makes me want HIM all the time. That’s saying so much.

He teased me just a little, kissing me long and hard, touching me all over as if he couldn’t get enough of it. He makes me forget all my insecurities when we’re together. I don’t think about the imperfections that are fresh on my mind when I’m in a room full of people with my clothes on. Completely naked with him I feel comfortable and even sexy.

Minutes into the seduction we were shedding clothes and before I could even think about it I was up on the table, legs spread far apart, pussy dripping wet, begging him to give me his incredible cock. He was rock hard. Rock. Hard. I love his cock. It’s incredible and unique and always pleases me, but this time it was just a little different. There was no give, no flexibility. He was so firm that when he fucked me I was immediately riding that wave between pleasure and pain. His swollen head was pounding into me and I could hardly hold my screams in. My g-spot was taking quite a bruising and I loved every second of it.

I don’t even know how many times I came. I do know that I gushed so that I soaked him, squirting even, causing my juices to run onto the table and down his legs. I came and came and came. He kept asking me to change positions – on my back, riding him, behind me, riding him again, on my back again, doggy style with my head and shoulders down low. When he came I felt it so deep inside me I thought I would explode from the impact.

My legs trembled for hours. I was sore and tired. And yet, I found myself wanting his cock again. I simply can't get enough.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


I suppose I should go ahead and confess it. It’s the truth after all. I’m certain of it now. I know it without a doubt.

I’m addicted. I’m hooked. I’m captivated, perhaps even obsessed. I simply cannot stop thinking about his wonderful cock. Oh I love lots of things about him, just about everything in fact. He has strong, masculine features, great hair, a terrific smile and unbelievably sexy eyes. In fact, I think the eyes are what won me. Wow, I love those eyes. His hands are strong and his fingers drive me crazy. There’s not one thing I’d change about him, but even with all that I’m still most in love with his cock.

It beautiful really – unique and completely perfect all at the same time. I love the way it feels in my mouth, growing longer and thicker, the more I suck. While I could never get all of it in, I still find myself trying, sucking deeper and deeper, pushing the depths of my throat. I dream of sucking his beautiful cock, taking the time to appreciate it fully, licking and kissing and loving it.

The truth is, that I rarely spend enough time sucking it though, simply because I cannot wait to feel it buried deep inside my wet pussy. Oh how he fills me up. When he’s on top, that magnificent cock touches places that no one else has ever touched. He makes me so hot and so wet that I find myself begging him to never stop fucking me.

When I ride him it’s so intense that inevitably I end up cumming with such force and power that I soak him with my juices. He says he likes that and I certainly hope he’s telling the truth, because it is the most amazing feeling.

Then there are the times that he’s behind me, fucking me hard, slamming into me. It’s then that he bottoms completely out, the head of his cock stopped completely by the limits of my pussy. It is mind-blowing. This is what leaves me sore the next day and aching for even more of that wonderful cock.

I never want him to stop fucking me. I want his cock inside me forever.