Thursday, July 12, 2007

Too Long

It's been far too long since I last touched you, felt your skin against mine, felt the heat of your body enveloping me. I simply cannot wait till we're together again.

The next time you see me, there will be no words at first. Perhaps that adorable little "Hi" you usually squeak, but nothing else. Nothing but a deep passionate kiss, my hands in your hair, your arms wrapped around me. When we must, we break for air, letting out a long exhale of relief after these months of being apart. You feel my body pressed against you, my hard cock straining against its confines. You feel me push you back against the wall, pushing your hands up over your head with my own as I kiss my way down your neck, seeking the warm embrace of your cleavage. I feel your skin heat up under my lips and feel you squirm and giggle. You feel my hands slide down your body and slip under the short skirt you know I love, caressing your luscious thighs and squeezing your hips.

Soon my right hand seeks the warm moisture of your sweet pussy, finding you soaking wet already. You moan as I rub gently over your clit and soak my fingers with you, letting them slip inside you only for a moment. You know what comes next. You tell me every day how much you crave my cock, how you want to feel me grow in your mouth, so now you get it. I slowly back away from you, unbuttoning my shirt first so your fingers can dance through my chest hair and tickle my nipples, then unbuttoning my pants. I let you pull them down over my hard cock as you kneel to the floor. Your hands caress me through my briefs for only a moment. You need this cock.

You slide my shorts down and see my cock pop free, flicking a drop of moisture onto your face. You moan as you take it in your hand and begin to lick the tip ever so gently. My right hand digs deep into your thick hair, pulling ever so slightly as you realize you are once again mine. You flick your tongue over my swollen cockhead as your hand squeezes my shaft. You begin kissing it and then slowly easing me into your mouth, moaning in delight as you feel me grow even harder in your mouth. You suck slowly at first, then faster and harder, letting me see every stroke because you know I love it. Your other hand gently squeezes my balls, rubbing them as you feel them pull up close to me, your fingers dancing tantalizingly close to my ass. I'm your plaything and you know it.

Soon we both know what is needed. You must be fucked. I grab you by the shoulders and lift you to the nearby sofa. Your blouse is unbuttoned and discarded in a moment, and your skirt is swiftly pulled off, revealing your bare pussy. You spread your legs and pull me in, and I plunge my cock into you, unable to wait another moment. You cry out as you feel me fill you, biting my shoulder. I hold you close to me for a moment, just feeling our bodies join again, as if no time at all has passed. Then you feel me begin thrusting against you, pressing my pelvis against your clit until you feel an orgasm erupt from inside you. As I hear your scream and feel you quiver around me, I thrust harder and faster for just a moment, pushing you to the next level and another body-shaking orgasm. This time you gush onto me with a heat I haven't felt for far too long.

Now that you have been satisfied for the moment, it's time to give you the one thing you haven't had from me yet. I pull my cock from your pussy and stand back up. You sit up and grab my cock, slick with your juices. You begin devouring me, sucking deep and hard, tasting yourself all over me. I grab your hair in both hands and pull you closer, shoving my cock as deep into your mouth as you can handle. You moan loudly as you feel the head of my cock swell in the back of your mouth, and suddenly you feel the first hot spurt of cum shoot down your throat as I gasp loudly. My orgasm shudders through my body, spasm after spasm shaking my hips and shooting more and more cum into your mouth until it begins to leak out of your lips. Eventually I am done, spent, but you continue to gently suck and lick me, consuming every drop.

It's been far too long...