Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My Maturbation Month Celebration

According to my sex blogger friends, May has been Masturbation month. I’m inclined to do a little last minute celebration here at DSG as I live and breath by my time alone. Although I must say I’d happily replace that with time with someone else. I did an audio post in April (look in the archives if you’d like) and I’m not inclined to do that again just yet, so I thought I’d tell you about how I get off on a normal day. Perhaps you’ll enjoy it.

I wake up most mornings really aroused, wishing I had a big cock to climb up on and start my mornings right. As that’s not an option I head to the shower. I take care of the necessities first, washing, rinsing, taking time usually on my breasts, pulling on my nipples just a little. They’re so sensitive sometimes I think I could cum just from that, but I’ve never stuck with it long enough.

I wash my hair and condition then shave my long legs. I love the feel of freshly shaven legs. I’ve grown into a routine of shaving morning and night most days so I can feel smooth in the bed too. After this, I rub oil all over. I think this is the secret to nice, soft skin, oil on my legs, up and down, on my arms, shoulders, across my belly, all over each of my breasts. It’s warm from the warmth of the shower and my hands. Tugging at my nipples with the oil feels almost like a mouth, though nothing truly compares.

By the time my hand finds my pussy, I’m quite ready. I’m wet outside from the water, inside from my own touch. I admittedly I like the feel of my smooth pussy lips, especially right after shaving. I rub them and even roll them between my fingers, pushing just a little to feel the beginnings of the sensitivity of my clit.

Pretty quickly I spread those outer lips apart and begin running my middle finger up and down my slit, slicking up what’s already wet, enjoying the feel of my own hand, grazing my clit. Eventually I won’t be able to take it anymore and my thumb will begin pressing on that little nub, massaging, pushing, circling, in varying cycles and speeds. From time to time my middle finger and maybe another will push deep inside my pussy, although I don’t necessarily need that to reach my goal.

By now, my breath is quickened. My other hand has found my nipples and rolls each one, not gently, in rhythm with my clit flicks and massages. I want to cum so badly now. I can feel it building, waiting for just the right time to explode. I pull away from time to time, allowing that build, knowing the more I foster, the better it will feel. At this point I’m imaging any number of things, from someone in particular, to his amazing cock, to how wonderful his tongue will feel on me. I long to suck something at this point too, however unattainable the option may be.

If I’m not alone in the house I hold back with my words and my moans, instead taking deep breaths to keep my concentration. If I am alone, I’m moaning, uttering broken sentences that may include “Fuck me now,” “Yes!”, “Just like that”, “Please let me cum baby, Please?”

Finally, I will feel the pressure, the tingle, the rise of all things indescribable from my nipples to my clit to my toes and into the top of my head, feeling like everything might just explode all at once and not caring if it does. This is when holding back is sometimes not an option, when I must release at least a moan, sometimes a scream of pure, authentic pleasure.

This is my release, what keeps me sane during my day. And now that I’ve written it, I may just have to have tonight as well.

Friday, May 26, 2006

30 Minutes of Ecstasy

There wasn’t a lot of time, but I didn’t even care. I wanted him so badly and needed to feel his touch so much that I didn’t care if all we had was a few stolen moments. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed him until he knocked on the door. When I let him in I swear I just wanted to devour him, kissing him, touching him, wanting him right then and there.

Sometimes we play games, take on roles and get really naughty. Not today though. No, today was just about me and him. I undressed and lay back on the bed. I just wanted him inside of me. I didn’t want foreplay or touching. I wanted to feel him buried deep in me and right then. No waiting.

With my legs spread far apart and him kneeling between my legs, he teased me with the head of his wonderful cock, but only for a second, before he was plunging deep inside me, pulling my legs up on his shoulders pushing deeper and deeper into my eager pussy.

Without warning, he quickly pulled out of me and dropped his head between my legs, licking, sucking, taking my pussy with his mouth. His fingers quickly found me as well, fucking my pussy and my ass. His tongue sucking and circling my clit, his fingers fucking both hot holes, sent me quickly over the edge, causing me to arch my back, throw my head back and call out his name. I came hard and fast.

Pleased with his accomplishment he lay back on the bed and told me to suck his cock. I love sucking his cock, especially tasting my pussy on him, knowing he’s just been there, also knowing soon he’ll be there again.

When I can’t take it anymore, I crawl back up to the head of the bed to take my place on top of him. My pussy still hot and wet and sensitive from cumming so hard feels so good when I lower myself on his rock hard cock. At his urging I pull my feet up under me so that I’m more squatting than kneeling and begin bouncing feverishly up and down on that stiff cock. This feels so good! With every bounce, he’s pressing on my g-spot, making me hotter and hotter. He’s meeting with hard thrusts upward as I continue to bounce. My hands are firmly pushing on his chest, nails probably digging in more than they should. Within minutes I’m cumming again, this time with a gush of hot juice, literally squirting all over him. The feeling was unbelievable. My eyes rolled back, I screamed out, and basically fell off of him, back on the bed. I was overcome with it.

Squirting is new to me. I have noticed in the last year, as I’ve learned more and more about myself and become more and more comfortable with my own sexuality that there are things I didn’t know about my own body. This is one. I have noticed when I masturbate that there are times when I cum and get really wet, really fast, sometimes soaking the bed with my cum. I’ve heard of women that actually squirt, and I know that the g-spot is one key to that, but it’s not something I’ve experienced per se.

Barely giving me time to gather myself, he flipped me over on my stomach, fucking me hard from behind, bodies slapping together, sweat rolling off both of us. That wouldn’t be how I finished him though. I wanted his load on me, dripping down my chin so as he got closer, he stood up and I took my place on my knees. I sucked and licked as he stroked his own cock, finally giving me that wonderful cum on my face. I can’t think of a better gift a better way to spend a half hour.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

My perspective

I’m working and I see/feel my cell ring. I look and see the number knowing it’s him, knowing that means he’s in the building or at the very least on his way. I’m in the middle of a meeting though and cannot answer. When the meeting is over and it’s possible, I meet him in the hallway, ducking into the office before anyone has noticed closing the door behind me. I see the look in his eyes, wondering if I’m reading him wrong, wondering if he really wants me as badly as I want him, daring not say anything. It’s funny to me that even after the words and the looks and the mutual understanding that we still seem to play with each other. Yes, I kind of like that too.

After chatting a bit and deciding we’d meet later, after some work was done I stood to leave, pausing for what really should have been an innocent hug. I couldn’t stand it though. I wanted him, wanted what I knew would be so good, if he’d just give it to me. I did notice as we hugged that he was a little swollen in his pants, but questioned myself a little as I know how thick his cock is, even when he’s not aroused.

Our hug turned into kisses, soft kisses at first, our faces touching, lips seemingly just brushing each other. Quickly though, there was more passion, more longing. His hand on my neck, pulling me to him, making me crazy with want. I don’t really remember if I reached for the bulge in his pants first or if he was touching my breasts first. I do know when his hands found my nipples even through the thickness of my shirt and bra it did take my breath just a little. It’s as if he knows just where to touch, just how much pressure to apply and just how long to linger there. His hand would soon reach lower, feeling the warmth and wetness of my pussy even through my pants.

When he kneeled in front of me, I could hardly wait to give him my breasts. I wanted his tongue on them. He was so attentive to each one, kissing, seemingly enjoying taking his time. I wanted to moan out loud, but knew I couldn’t with the possibility of someone just outside the door. As he sucked and nibbled on my nipples I felt the most amazing tingles all the way to my pussy which was so wet I could feel my panties soaking up the juices that were escaping.

When he moved even further down, unzipping my pants, pushing them over my full hips, I was so anxious to feel his tongue that I could hardly stand it. For me, a tongue on my pussy, a willing, wanting tongue is one of life’s greatest pleasures. As he licked and explored my very wet pussy, playing with my clit with his tongue, his fingers working their own magic. My legs were growing weaker and weaker from this amazing pleasure so I stepped back, steadying myself on the desk. I was aware of the fact too that I was breathing heavier and heavier. Those talented fingers were doing the most amazing things, teasing my clit, finger fucking me, pressing on that wonderful g-spot over and over again. When I started to cum, it was all I could do to contain the sounds. I wantd to cry out, but dared not. Perhaps that adds to the pleasure.

As he stands to his knees, I can’t wait to kiss him, tasting myself on him. It’s the most intimate thing, sharing those juices he brought from me. I can hardly wait to have a turn though. I want to feel his wonderful cock in my mouth and while I want to take my time, I’m so anxious to have him all. I lick up and down the shaft a bit, looking up at him, seeing his reaction, but rather quickly taking him all in my mouth. What a wonderful cock he has. It’s thick and beautiful in everyway. I think I could spend hours sucking this cock. I enjoy playing on the tip, sucking and kissing just his head and then diving in all the way, until I bottom out in the back of my throat. I bob back and forth for a short time, enjoying every second of it, but my pussy is aching for this cock. I want him now. I want to be fucked and fucked good. I know he can do it too.

I sit up on the desk, leaning back, spreading my legs far apart, anxious to feel that big cock in me. I am so wet, and sensitive from the orgasm he’s already given me that when he takes his dick in hand and begins teasing my pussy, rubbing up and down my slit, pushing against my clit, I think I might just cum again right then. When he finally pushes the head inside me, I fight the urge to scream out by covering my mouth with my own hand. He begins slowing fucking me at first, my legs spread far apart. He feels so good in me. As the strokes become harder and deeper, I feel myself building again to another powerful orgasm, this one grabbing his cock in full force, my thighs shaking uncontrollably.

Even through my release, he’s still pounding away. I’m wishing I could aid in the fuck a little more, but the position I’m in simply doesn’t allow it. I hope he feels the response my pussy has to his awesome dick knowing I want him to keep going, begging him not to stop. From time to time he moves my legs, on his shoulders, propping on a chair behind him, even the wall. I’m mostly unaware of it though as my whole being is focused on the unbelievable feeling between my legs. He reaches for my nipples and pinches, not gently, which is so erotic to me. I’m not sure I’ve stopped convulsing from the last orgasm as I start to cum again, this time in a wave that completely exhausts me. Again, I throw my head back and my hand to my mouth trying to soften my moans of pleasure.

He seems to be tired at this point, deservingly. He’s been fucking me for quite a long time with little help from me really. When he pulls from me, I whimper a little, but pick myself up off the desk, holding for support as my knees are still so weak. I reach for my panties, but he follows and reaches for me again, letting me know he’s not finished.

Pushing me back on the desk again, forcing his hard cock back into me, I’m starting to think I can’t go on. It feels so good though. He’s fucking me so hard, so fast. The look on his eyes is priceless, knowing he’s loving this just as much as I am. He’s so hard and I can feel the tip of his cock pushing into the deepest part of me. He pulls my legs, forcing my ass off the edge of the desk. I’m hanging there at this mercy as he continues to pound into me over and over and over. The angle of his cock is perfect here, hitting my g-spot with each stroke, the feel of his balls smacking against my ass. This is when I cum the hardest, my whole body shaking, losing complete control. I can feel the juices running out of me, soaking me, soaking him.

When he pulls from me yet again, I think we’re finished only he pushes me to my knees again, wanting to feel my mouth on his cock once more. I can think of nothing I’d rather do. The harder I suck, the harder he gets. The harder he gets, the harder I want to suck. I taste and smell my pussy on him. It is an incredible turn on.

When I stop and stand up he turns me around, and bends me over the desk again, this time with my ass in the air. He then grabs my hips and rams that amazing hard cock into me again, this time, pushing against my ass, just before entering my pussy. I know I gasped. It felt amazing. Finally, I could push back against him, even though it was just a little. I’m whispering his name over and over because he’s pleasuring me in the most incredible way. I want to scream his name, scream the yeses and moan out loud. This feels so damn good!

Finally, he’s tired even though he's never cum. I feel terrible about leaving him without release, and yet he assures me it okay. We both know there will be more later. I’m exhausted. Sweat is dripping from my forehead, my cum is running down my thighs. The smell of sex is all in the air. I’m not even sure I can walk anymore. I’m spent. We clean up as best we can. I could really use a shower, but that’s not an option now. For now, I go back to work, hoping for another adventure soon, hoping next time for a room and a bed and with plenty of space and time to play and rest and play and rest. I'm also hoping for another opportunity to make him feel as good as he's made me feel. I'm in debt now.

Monday, May 22, 2006

I've never...

I realize I haven't updated regularly and do apologize to my faithful readers. I just haven't felt the creative juices lately. I hope this week will be different. I hope to get a little inspiration this week. In the mean time, I'll do a little meme, stolen from that sexy Passionate Man.

Here's the deal. The bolded ones are the ones that are true. They are truly the things I've never done. Everything else is a lie. If you want to play, feel free to copy and paste.

I’ve Never French-Kissed A Member Of The Opposite Sex.
I’ve Never French-Kissed A Member Of The Same Sex.
I've Never Had Sex With A Member Of The Opposite Sex.
I've Never Had Sex With A Member Of The Same Sex.
I’ve Never Had A Three-Some.
I’ve Never Been In Love.
I’ve Never Had Sex In A Public Place.
I’ve Never Had Group Intercourse.
I’ve Never Been Spanked.
I’ve Never Been Tied Up.
I’ve Never Regretted Having Sex With Someone.
I’ve Never Made Out With A Stranger.
I’ve Never Gone On A Blind Date.
I’ve Never Had A Crush On A Teacher or Professor.
I’ve Never Slept With A Co-Worker. (Slept?!)
I’ve Never Had Sex At The Office.
I’ve Never Been Married.
I’ve Never Been Divorced.
I’ve Never Had Sex With More Than One Person Within The Same Week.
I’ve Never Posed Nude.
I've Never Watched Porn.
I’ve Never Gotten Someone Drunk Just To Have Sex With Them.
I’ve Never Received Scars From My Sex Partner.
I’ve Never Had Sex At A Friend’s House While They Were Throwing A Party.
I’ve Never Had Sex In A Dressing Room. (But does a bathroom count?)
I’ve Never Flashed Anyone.
I’ve Never Met Anyone From Online.
I've Never Cheated On My Significant Other.
I've Never Masturbated.
I've Never Used A Sex Toy On Myself.
I've Never Used A Sex Toy On Someone Else.
I've Never Danced On A Table Or Bar.
I've Never Strip-Teased For Anyone.
I've Never Received A Rim Job.
I've Never Given A Rim Job.
I've Never Received A Hand Job.
I've Never Given A Hand Job.
I've Never Had Sex In A Hammock.
I've Never Performed Oral Sex.
I've Never Received Oral Sex.
I've Never Had Anal Sex.
I've Never Had Sex involving a strapon.
I've Never Given/Received A Golden Shower.
I've Never Had Sex With Someone While Fantasizing About Having Sex With Someone Else.
I've Never Had A Sex Dream.
I've Never Had An Orgasm By Myself.
I've Never Had An Orgasm With/By Someone Else.
I've Never Had Phone Sex.
I've Never Had Cyber Sex.
I've Never Role-Played.
I've Never Played Strip Poker.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Fresh Rug Burn

Fresh rug burn. Oh. My. God. Is there anything better? Knowing I’ve been on my knees sucking an awesome cock, still tasting it on my lips, my pussy still swollen from the pounding I received. It had been way too long. I don’t remember the last time I came hard enough to make my legs give. I don’t remember when I had a cock that big parting my pussy lips and pushing inside. Now, I just want more!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Unexpected Visit

It had been a busy day. I was rather happy though after lunch with all that I had accomplished in the morning and hoped the afternoon would be just as productive. It seems lately with my job I spend most of my time dealing with the fires. I’d love to find a way to be more proactive and less reactive, but it just doesn’t seem possible now.

So, after lunch I was sitting at my desk, office door open, head down, looking at the next task at hand. Music was coming from my computer speakers and a fan was blowing so I didn’t even hear the door to the office suite open and close. By the time I caught something out of the corner of my eye, my office door was closing and he was pulling my chair around, standing over me. My shock and surprise kept me from saying a word as his hand went to the back of my head and his lips met mine.

This was not a sweet, tender kiss. No, this wasn’t like that at all. It was instead a hungry, passionate kiss. Hard and deep, to the point that a low moan escaped me. In just a few short minutes I completely forgot that I was sitting in my office in the middle of the work day. I couldn’t have cared less that there were other people just outside and next door. I needed this too bad to care.

The kiss went on for a while, although I’m not sure just how long. It had been too long since we’d shared a kiss. Geography prevents us from seeing each other often. That may be a good thing. I’m afraid if the opportunity was there more often we would both be in a lot of trouble. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to say no, costing me things I life I do not want to lose.

At some point, one hand still on the back of my head began tugging on my hair, causing me to arch my back. With the other hand he started running his fingers up my left thigh. It was a great day for a skirt, a great day to leave the panties off. I didn’t expect to see him and yet I’d still gone without the panties. Something about it is so freeing and today it was indeed. When his hand reached the top of my leg and he realized I was bare his breath caught, breaking the kiss for just a moment. Only to consume my mouth again, this time with even more urgency.

My pussy was so wet with the expectation of his touch. It had been so long. I ached for him and his perfect, talented hands. I spread my legs in my chair, begging him to touch me, begging him to feel what he had done. As his fingers found my hot hole I shifted toward him, grinding on his hand as he played and circled and finger fucked my pussy. His thumb quickly found my clit, hard and ready, begging for attention. The hand in my hair moved down and under my blouse, quickly freeing one of my breasts from my bra, then the other, pulling, tugging, and pinching on each of my nipples. This brought more low moans in the midst of our ongoing kiss.

I wanted him so. I was completely unaware of where I was and was taking in every touch, every feeling, being quite selfish in letting him pleasure me while offering nothing in return. I was so glad though when he reached down, unzipped his jeans, and took my hand from the arm of my chair and pushed it to feel his now swollen cock. It hadn’t been that long since we’d last met, but I had forgotten just how big he was, how perfect his cock is. I would quickly free it from those jeans and break the kiss to take him in my mouth. He fills me up, but I still try very hard to take it all in. Licking, sucking, near swallowing. It felt so good in my mouth. I savored the taste and the feel, but also wanted to be fucked more than anything.

I pushed him back and my mouth left his wonderful cock. My eyes met his. He looked disappointed. That is until I stood to my feet, pulled my skirt up above my waist and whispered in his ear “Fuck me baby! Please?” I turned around and bent over, putting my hands back on the arm rests of my chair, but now in a very different way.

When he pushed his thick cock into my pussy, I let out a little squeal of pleasure. It felt so fucking good! He quickly shushed me though and I remembered where I was. Then with his hands on each side of my ass he pulled me onto him over and over, faster and faster, harder and harder. He fucked me so hard and so good that I never wanted it to end. I was very aware of his balls slapping my ass. We were however anxious to reach our goal. With flesh slapping against flesh, the smell of sex now in the office, we fucked with everything we had to give.

I soon felt him tightening. My thighs were quivering, my pussy wanting to let go. In one movement, he plunged into me so hard and so deep and I felt his hot load surging into me. It was all I needed to go over the edge too. Time seemed to stop. Eventually though, he pulled back, allowing our juices to escape, cum running down my thighs.

Then the first words from his mouth, “I thought I’d stop by and say hello. How is your day?”

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Up on my hands and knees on the edge of the bed – that’s got to be one of my favorites. Of course, eventually you will push my head down so that my ass is straight up in the air. Its then, that I'm comfortable, not worrying that my ass is too round or that my stomach isn't flat. I'm with you and you want me. You clearly want to pleasure me and let me pleasure you. The added benefit is that I can’t see what’s coming. I do love the surprise, not knowing if you’ll smack my ass or kiss it. Gently lick my pussy, tease it with the head of your wonderful cock or slam right into it.

Today you took your time, teasing me with your tongue and your fingers – in my pussy, on my clit, in my ass. All the build up of a month at your fingertips. Yes, I get off on my own. In fact, I do it almost every day, but no dildo, no vibe can take the place of your fingers or your wonderful tongue and definitely not your cock. It must surprising to you how quickly I cum sometimes. It surprises me too. I think though that I am just so excited, by your touch, by our meeting that I’m on the edge before you ever touch me. Today I came so hard, so fast it took my breath away.

And yet, even in my orgasm, I couldn’t wait for you to give me that magnificent dick. My pussy was begging for it, backing up to you. Finally, you gave me what I’ve wanted for what seems like a very long time. Finally, you were throbbing inside of me. Finally, I felt filled. We moved very slowly at first, wanting to savor every stroke. I do like taking my time, but so often I’m filled with urgency, wanting to ride you as hard as I can. I’m glad you slow us down, forcing me to enjoy it, forcing me to feel each movement.

And of course the kisses – the kisses are the best. The passion I feel on from your lips is a passion I’ve never felt before. It’s the passion I crave. Your kisses fulfill me more than anything else.

I don’t even remember how or when I ended up on my back, but I did. My legs over your shoulders, you buried deep inside of me when you gave me your hot load. I cannot tell you how good it was for me later when you ventured your fingers back into my pussy, slicking them up with your own cum mixed with mine then letting me lick them clean. Thinking about that now makes me wet all over again.

You left me completely satisfied. I wish we had more time. I wish we could be together more often, but I’m satisfied, content with what we do have, thankful for our stolen moments together. I know that I will ever tire of it or ever be bored. Each meeting is a new adventure with new excitement. And, I can't wait until we meet again.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sugasm #32

Sugasm #32

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