Thursday, March 30, 2006

Starting my day

This morning I woke up alone, which isn’t at all strange. The man I should share my bed with much prefers the couch. I do not understand, but I’ve also lost the desire to fight it.

I slept in a t-shirt and panties, but the panties were gone when I woke. I must have taken them off during the night. That happens a lot. I’m not even conscious of it. So, I woke up with my t-shirt bunched up above my waist and no panties. Before I even opened my eyes I felt the urge. I was horny. I wished there was someone beside me to help me with my condition, but there wasn’t and there was no need dwelling on it.

I found myself, in my sleepy state, on my stomach grinding my smooth pussy mound on the bed. I decided just last night to shave in completely. I have been playing with the idea of leaving a small patch, but I know the smooth look is appealing to at least one of my admirers. It isn’t long before I roll up on my side and find my already hard nipples with my left hand. I take a moment to take each of them in my hand, squeezing, fully aware of the hard nipple in my palm. Then, I pull away and roll my nipple between my thumb and finger, pulling, pinching. I love that feeling. Its as if there’s a direct nerve from there to my clit. I can feel the moisture building, my pussy lips swelling even before I touch them.

I consider at this point reaching under my bed for my vibrator, but decide that this morning I want the feel of my own hand. When I finally do start to slide my hand down my body, I pause on that now bare mound above my pussy, appreciating just how smooth the skin is. With my second and forth finger I stroke my pussy lips, anticipating even my own touch. When I separate the lips and slide my middle finger down my slit, I’m surprised by just how wet I am. Quickly, my middle finger slides into my pussy, reaching, curling and looking for my g-spot. I just can’t seem to reach on my own. That never keeps me from trying though. Soon it is joined with two more fingers.

I lay there finger fucking myself for a long time. I kept my eyes closed. I was imagining sucking on a hard cock while being fucked. While I have no real desire to be with two men at the same time, I would really like the sensation of having both at the same time. Maybe I can convince my friend to use my new vibrator on me while I’m sucking him off. That would be so satisfying. When my thumb began circling my clit in slow deliberate motions I knew it wouldn’t take long and I felt no need to hold back. With a few quick flicks and direct pressure on my clit I was coming. My thighs began to shake and a single gasp and moan escaped my mouth. My hand was soaked from my own juices.

I find myself in the best mood today. I know it all began before I even opened my eyes.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Sugasm #27

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Photo of the adorable Gracie from I Love Abby Winters.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

First Meeting

The anticipation had built for so long I couldn’t even remember how long it had been. As I knocked on the door I was breathless, not from exertion, but from nerves, expectation, fear, hope and a million other emotions. I stood there for what seemed an eternity. What if he doesn’t answer? What if he’s changed his mind? What if he takes one look at me and loses interest?

When the door opened, there was just a fraction of a second of what might have been awkwardness. I’m not sure of my expression – probably worry – but he immediately smiled. It was a big smile, a pleased smile, an eager smile. It took away all my earlier fears. He grabbed my hand pulling me inside and closing the door behind me. I dropped my bag on the floor and without one word coming from either of our mouths he grabbed my waist, pulled me to him and kissed me. The passion of months, the chats, the emails, the calls all in one kiss. It was intoxicating. My knees went weak.

Suddenly and still with no words, we were pawing at each other. The kiss continued as hands were everywhere, clothes ripped off and flying across the room. We knew what we wanted. Foreplay wasn’t a concern. We had months of that behind us. We’d spend hours later really entertaining all of our much discussed fantasies. Right now though, we had a common goal. We wanted each other. I wanted to feel him inside of me. I wanted him to fuck me hard and fast and feel him cum in a tirade of animal sex. That’s what he wanted too.

When all of our clothes had been shed, I broke away from what was still that first kiss and laid down on the bed, pulling him to me. I had felt how hard he was as he pressed against me, but wasn’t prepared for just how massive his cock was as he climbed on the bed and kneeled in front me of me. My pussy was dripping I was so wet. I couldn’t wait to feel him inside of me. I spread my legs far apart and nodded my head. “Fuck me, please!” “Are you sure?” “NOW!”

He leaned forward with one hand propping himself beside me. I reached down and took hold of my prize, guiding him toward my eager pussy. When the head of his cock first touched me I thought I would cum at that second, but somehow pushed past it. Our eyes locked together and he plunged forward. I moaned out loudly, from the force of it and the raw emotion of finally, finally joining with him.

With my legs wrapped around his ass and my hands on his hips we rocked for what seemed like forever. It was hard and fast and oh so deep. The reality of it was better than either of us could have imagined. Our bodies were perfect for each other and we were in perfect sync. When he learned down and started kissing on my neck as we were fucking it was all I needed to finally let go. I started to cum in a rush. My legs were shaking and a scream escaped my lips. The tingle spread from my pussy down my legs and back up all the way to my head and back again. I must have clamped down on him in the wave of it because he too let out a moan and in a matter of seconds was cumming with me. I felt his hot juices burst inside me. I saw the pleasure in his eyes. It was so intense, more than either of us could have imagined.

We lay there for a long time, with no words, taking it all in, catching our breath. Still between my legs he had shifted to one side. We’d need time to recover from the magnitude of our releases, but now we could explore. He ran his fingers through my hair while I traced my finger across his lips. We had plenty of time and now we wouldn’t rush.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Sex In Public Places

I’m having a hard time getting my creative juices flowing. I’ve had a rather dry spell lately. Believe me; no one is sorrier about that than me. I find myself laying in bed and dreaming about sucking on a beautiful hard cock. It’s been way too long since I had a nice hard one and thoughts of it are consuming me. I’ve crossed lines I never would have crossed before. In fact, last week’s awesome orgasm was achieved in my office. The door was closed and no one was around, but it was in my office just the same.

There are a few of my blog friends that have offered to assist me. One in particular has been especially helpful, but the chatting and the emailing, while fun, I think are frustrating me even more. I’ve reached a point of desperation. I want to be fucked long and hard and by someone that can do it right! I want to lose all track of time, taste cum on my lips and feel how sore my pussy lips are from all the pounding. Is that asking too much?

I’ve been in this place before. In fact, I’ve spent quite a bit of time here. This leads me to the real topic. Public sex. I wonder how many of you have done inappropriate things in inappropriate places. Just so you know I’m the master freak, I will tell you some of my more risqué places. Now some of them were alone, some of them were just oral, and some of them were all out fucking. I won’t distinguish. That would just be telling too much.

Lots of beds of course – some to note: my partner’s wife’s (uh huh), my sisters, my parents, my grandmothers’
Taco Bell’s bathroom
Pavilion in a public park
In my office of course
In my partner’s office
In Wal-Mart – oh how I wish I could tell you the details of this one
A Water Park – in the water
In the window of a high-rise with the curtains open
An abandoned building
A model house/condo
A mall parking lot
Church parking lot

This hasn’t helped. I should have known better. I hope I’ll get some satisfaction soon so I will have a fresh story for you.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Slow Fuck

A few of my sex blogger friends have discussed the slow fuck vs. the hard fuck in recent days (AAG, Madame X). I truly think you can get both from the same man. My mood dictates what I want, which brings me to this morning….

It’s cold and rainy. I slept in, which is strange for me, but woke up incredibly horny. I remember distinctively dreaming about rolling around in a bed with another woman – soft skin, hard nipples, wet pussy. Now that I’m awake though, it isn’t a woman I want, it’s you.

I first reach between my legs and feel of my pussy. Yes, wet and ready. I take a moment to finger myself, enjoying the sleepy pleasure, considering just taking care of myself, but knowing your hard cock would feel so much better. I reach for you in the warmth of our bed. You’re hard already too, even though you’re still sound asleep. I wonder what you’re dreaming. Are you dreaming of me? Maybe you’re dreaming about me and that same other woman. That turns me on even more. I free you from your boxers, taking extra caution so not to wake you. I want you to wake when you’re cumming inside of me.

I gently slide over on top of you, still under the covers of our bed. I hover for a minute, smiling, enjoying my naughty surprise. I take my hand and softly glide you into me. It is so gradual that even I’m surprised when you’ve filled me. With my knees on either side of you and my hands on the headboard, I begin our slow fuck. My long legs are again an advantage. You sigh a few times, but otherwise stay asleep. I take my time. The pace is so measured and deliberate. I don’t care if it takes hours. I don’t even really care if I cum. I just want this pleasure – the feel of you inside of me. It is that lack of concern that I believe adds to the enjoyment. With my left hand still bracing me on the headboard, I take my right hand a begin rolling my nipples. The tingle goes straight to my clit.

I feel you building inside of me, growing and getting closer. I sit up completely and begin rocking back and forth, with my full weight on you. This gives me access to my clit, which is waiting for permission to cum. With one stroke from my middle finger, I let loose – hot, juices covering you, my pussy clutching your cock, causing you to finally give in as well. As your body stiffens and you fill me with your load your eyes pop wide open and meet mine.

“Good morning baby. How did you sleep?”

Friday, March 17, 2006

My New Toy

I'm venturing from my normal stories, but I just simply must share. Have you ever cum so hard that you thought you might just die from the experience?

I've had a couple of weeks of just over the top horniness. I mean I'm just rolling in it. The thoughts of a nice hard cock are seriously consuming me. I won't mislead you. I've gotten off alone several times, damn near daily, but my alone orgasms just aren't as good as my with-someone-else orgasms.

Today I got a new toy. A wonderful new toy. I might just be in love with my new toy. Our first time was so wonderful. He's lifelike and soft and flexible and long and hard and oh so wonderful. Did I mention that he's wonderful?

It took us a few minutes to aquaint ourselves. I was a little shy. He was a little uncertain as to what to do first, then next. Before long though we were old friends. He took me to a new level. He took me to that place that usually only a real dick can take me. Now don't misunderstand, I'm not giving up the real dick. Let's not get hasty, but right now I'm very, very satisified. I hope it will last me a while or at least until tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Guest Post

I had a very nice email a few days ago from someone anonymous. They offered a guest post from a male perspective. I really enjoyed it and since they offered, I will be glad to take...

The view from the other side.

My phone rings. It is "her" ring. The one I tell others is one I can never ignore. Some people think it is my business hot line. Some think it is reserved for family emergencies. She and I know the truth. "Can you meet me?" "I can be there in an hour". I clear off my desk, tell my boss something has come up (which is very true) and head for an afternoon that promises to be full of surprises.

When I arrive she meets me naked. I love that. She is immediately on her knees struggling to get to my dick which is getting harder every second. As soon as it is free she takes me into her mouth and begins a slow delicious blow job that I wish will never end. Licking me from top to bottom, playing with my balls, and then slowly swallowing every inch that I have, she never ceases to thrill me. I am in wonder as I look down and see her big brown eyes looking up at me as she sucks my cock deeper and deeper down her throat. There is a place at the back of her throat that feels just as good as her pussy and we are headed there right now. I could cum right now and be sure she would take every drop and lick me clean. Maybe later but it is my time.

I pull her from her knees and strip quickly. She knows what is coming as I suck her rock hard nipples and finger her pussy. She is dripping wet and that is just what I want to taste. As I lay her down and spread her pussy open with my thumbs, I am once again amazed. I lick the lips and stick my tongue in. That place wants something longer and harder which I promise will be coming soon. Right now all I want to do is suck and lick her clit. She starts to rock back and forth on my face as I eat her. I try to lick every bit of her dry but she keeps getting wetter and wetter. Finally, her low moans turn into a scream. I feel her tense as she grabs the sheets wraps her thighs tightly around me and cums until I am almost drowned. I savor every drop.

Not to miss a beat, she pulls me up onto her and I slid my dick into her hot pussy. There is no resistance as I slid in all the way until my balls are resting on her ass. She sits up, eyes wide open and begins to rock back and forth. I play with her by changing the rhythm of our fucking. Short strokes just at the edge of her cunt. Followed by hard thrusts into her depths. Pulling out to the very edge and playing with her clit. I could cum right now but she wants more.

Quickly she rolls over and presents her magnificent ass and pussy to me. I get to choose the path today. Right now, it is her pussy that needs the most attention. I take a few good licks of her asshole just to promise that I will be back and then I plunge as deep into her wet pussy as I can. The moans keep rolling. She is on one wave of orgasm after another. Never quite peaking but never quite coming all the way down. There are no rhythm games now, just long deep strokes. I wet my finger and stick it into her ass. She cums loudly. I can stand it no longer. I can only manage calling out the first syllable of her name. She knows I am cumming and cumming hard. Wave after wave comes over me as I shoot my load as deeply into her as I can. Finally I am exhausted.

We roll over. This is the time I love the most. Soft kisses to her eyelids. Light touches of our lips together. Teasing each other with the tips of our tongues. She does not get up and wash my passion away like it is unclean. She knows that I will be down there to clean her up soon enough. I notice her nipples need some more attention and move to kiss her whole breast but it is too large for my mouth. Her breathing is picking up as my hand wanders down to her dripping pussy.

It is going to be an interesting afternoon.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


There’s just something about the forbidden, something about sneaking around. I keep a blanket in my car. I’m glad. Because the last time we met was at an abandoned building. He owns the building, but we certainly weren’t supposed to be there, certainly not doing what we were doing.

We spread the blanket out on the floor in one of the rooms and I started to undress. He shook his head at me and said, “No baby just lay here with me. I need to hold you today.” I was glad.

See, I need a balance. I need to be reminded from time to time that he doesn’t really see me as the slut I play. I love the saying “Lady on the street, freak in the bed.” I like being the freak, I love being the freak. I also want to be the lady. I don’t just want to be the trashy whore. I want to play all the parts. Even though I know I never really will.

So, I curled up in his arms and we just lay there for the longest time holding each other, touching each other through our clothes and kissing. I say it over and over, but I love the kisses. That’s how I know its a real connection. I could have sex with anyone really. I could probably have pretty good sex with a lot of people, but I’ll never have the passionate kisses that he gives me with anyone else. I know that in the depths of me.

At some point his hand made its way into my pants. He was only really rubbing my belly, occasionally dipping a little lower to feel the hairless mound above my pussy. He likes it smooth. I like to please him. I returned his motions by unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. It actually took longer than I wanted as I was working with my left hand. (It just isn’t as talented as the right.) When I finally reached my prize, he’s hard, but not nearly to the capacity that I know he has. I licked the end of my finger and made slow circles on the head of his cock. I stopped my tease to move to his balls, massaging gently, and rubbing under them all the way back to his ass. He likes it. He’s told me, but even if he hadn’t I would know by his breathing and the evidence of a truly hard cock at full potential. And oh, what potential.

I inched my way down his chest and positioned myself on my knees between his legs. First licking his balls and then making my way slowly up the shaft, I enjoyed taking my time. I took pleasure in watching him while I took all of him in my mouth. That expression is indescribable. Want. Wonder. Perhaps even appreciation. See, I know without him saying the words. I’m giving him something he doesn’t get anywhere else. She is good enough to take his name, bear his children, and spend his money. She’s good enough to make demands and express jealousy. She is too good however to suck his cock or give him the pleasure that I am all too eager to give him.

I continue sucking him really with the intention of getting him off just like that, but I’m so turned on I’m aching to feel his hard cock buried inside of me. I want him. He was lying on his back on the blanket. I stopped sucking and stood up over him. A big smile was on his face. Without speaking a word, I took off my pants and straddled him, still standing. The anticipation makes it so much better. With a leg on either side I began to kind of crouch over him, barely letting his dick feel my pussy. I was so wet. I was teasing him and he eventually had enough and grabbed my thighs, pulling me down hard on him. I nearly came right then. It felt so good. Almost immediately I started bouncing. I pulled my shirt over my head and let set my breasts free so he could watch them jiggle while I bounced up and down on his cock. It was fast and hard. So hard. So deep. When I came it was in a torrent. Juices ran all over him. I feel to one side, trying to catch my breath, but he had no intentions of giving me a break.

He sat up and grabbed my ankles, flipping me on my stomach. “Get on your knees. Head. Down.” Oh YES! I hadn’t recovered at all from the hard orgasm I’d just had and he was taking me from behind. Only for a minute though until he pulled out and said “I want to fuck that ass. Who’s ass is this?” It’s yours baby. You take it however you want it.

His cock was wet from my pussy. He fingered my ass a little to get it ready and then began to slide his cock in. It was so good. Pleasure and pain. He started with slow, easy stokes but built up to hard, throbbing fucking. I fell from my knees onto my stomach with him on top of me still pounding my ass. My back was still arched and my head thrown back. So tight. So good. When he came a long moan came from his mouth and I felt hot cum shooting into my ass, then all over my back.

Maybe I’m the whore after all. That’s okay. I bet he’s thinking about the whore right now.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Changing the Profile Pic

Update - There was a tie from the original, but I think I'm going with the third. I like it, and I think she looks like me a little...Thanks for your opinions!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Killing an afternoon

Once in a while I need to get away. I need to leave the demands of work and home and escape to a world that is mine and only mine. I need a world of pleasure not pressure. I need a release that I can’t get on my own. It’s on these days that I make a simple call to a trusted friend who is all too willing to provide for my needs.

One call to my friend and an email to my coworkers…”I’ve got something I need to take care of this afternoon – see you tomorrow.” That’s all it takes. It’s really quite simple. From there I get in my car and travel to a neighboring town, where no one will know me. Sometimes I get so excited in those 20 minutes that I find myself fingering my pussy on the way, building the excitement of the forbidden. More than once I’ve completely removed my panties before arriving simply to soak up all the juices on my fingers.

When there, I check into the same hotel. I’ve been there more than a couple of times. In fact, I sometimes recognize the clerks. They don’t ask why I’m there, although I’m sure they know at this point. After all, I have no intentions of being quiet when I get to my room. Another phone call with the room number is quickly followed by a knock on the door.

Most of the time I meet him completely naked. He likes that. It’s what he prefers. Sometimes though I feel the need to taunt him and leave everything on. It’s on these days that I slowly take each piece of clothing off, teasing him as I go. Not today though. Today I’m waiting naked. I’m so horny. I don’t want the games or the foreplay. I just want to be fucked – hard and fast. After the initial release we can slow things down, but not at first. I know what I want and how I want it.

When the door closes behind him he grabs me and kisses me with the kind of passion that time builds. Our kisses are perfect. It has always been my belief that kissing is a sign of the type of love making you’ll have. Our kisses are so good. I swear that given enough time I could probably cum just from his tongue in my mouth. It’s so amazing and his lips feel so good.

In a matter of minutes his clothes are in the floor in a messy pile near mine and I’m on my knees, my preferred place. Sucking cock is my favorite thing. I mean it. I love the feel of a hard dick in my mouth. He seems to like the fact that I like it too. I trace my tongue from below his balls up, taking time to lick his sack, sucking just a little. I like to watch him watching me as I move from his balls all the way up his shaft to the head. I could spend hours there. I look forward to the taste of the precum and I can usually count on it being there by the time I take all of his cock in my mouth. I feel the increase in his breathing and hear the occasional moan slip from under his breath. It encourages me to keep going, stopping from time to time to let him build up again.

He rarely lets me finish him then. He knows I will. He knows I love to feel his hot cum in my mouth, but he also knows I want to be fucked. I want to reap the benefits of what I’ve sown. I want him inside of me, pounding, throbbing. At some point he will pull me off of him and ask me what I want. He knows, but he loves to hear me say the words. “Fuck me! Fuck me now!”

I like it from behind. I love to bend over the edge of the bed and be taken like an animal. He doesn’t have to get me ready because I’m already dripping wet, but he teases me just a little with the head of his cock. He even laughs a little when I beg him to give it all to me. He wants me to want it more than anything. And I do. Finally, I back up to a point that he can’t resist me anymore and he rams into my tight pussy. The juices are flowing, but it still feels so snug. The pressure is wonderful. What feels even better is when he wets one of his fingers and begins fingering my ass at the same time. The combination of his balls slapping against me, his hard dick inside of me and the finger in my ass is all I need to go right over the edge. After only a few strokes I’m screaming in pleasure because I’m cumming so hard. He doesn’t stop though. He just keeps fucking me just like I want, pulling my hair, making me arch my back. My legs are shaking and my entire body is going limp but he’s still fucking me. OH GOD it’s wonderful! It’s just the release I need.

When he’s almost there he tells me. “Baby, I’m gonna cum. Where do you want it?” I want it in my mouth and on my face. He knows. I like tasting myself on him as he shoots hot cum all in my mouth, dripping down my chin. I savor every drop of it.

It’s only then that we actually get into bed. Really not much time has passed at all and we have all afternoon to kill. We needed to get that first animal fuck out of the way and now we can spend the remaining hours just slowing pleasuring each other. After a few minutes of rest he will get right on that. He knows I need cleaning up and he’ll slowly make his way down my body from my still hard nipples all the way to my pussy where he’ll try to lick all of my juices up. When I’m still so sensitive his tongue on my pussy lips and circling my clit is invigorating. He’s gentle at first, then very firm until I’m wiggling and squirming and cumming again. Oh how I wish there was a vibrator made that really felt that way!

Our afternoons go on for hours – sometimes four or five. I’m exhausted afterwards, but relaxed in a way that I can’t begin to describe. Then for days afterwards I replay the events in my head with every muscle ache and bruise. They are my little secret reminders of a stolen afternoon. I wish I had some today.