Friday, June 23, 2006

The Rabbit

I discussed my lifelike vibrator, Big, a few months ago and after my mully-grub post last night decided I’d tell you about my new friend too. I could never even dream of doing the kind of reviews that Shay does, as she’s the knower of all things sexual, but I’ll give you my perspective just the same.

Yesterday, I got a new toy – a rabbit. I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while. I have a friend that just swears by her Rabbit and I’ve read many of you talk about it as well. He’s an iVibe Rabbit by Doc Johnson – and waterproof. He came from a store, but he's online at that link too and in lots of colors.

So this morning, I took him in the bathroom, locked the door, drew a bath and settled in to get acquainted. I was already pretty turned on, just thinking about him and the latest exchanges with the sexy man in my life. See, he’s got all these speeds and motions. It’s just wonderful. The tip actually rotates a little and those little pearls are um…fucking awesome! It feels as close to thrusting as anything I’ve ever felt that wasn’t actually a hard cock. You can control the motions, how fast and how intense the vibration is, which is a little overwhelming at first, but I learned, oh did I learn. THEN, on top of all those wonderful features are the little rabbit ears that are there for clitoral stimulation. Oh my! It has its on set of controls – intensity, timing, etc.

Ladies, you MUST get you one of these things. It’s a sure thing. Seriously. I still want a man, but this makes the waiting so much more acceptable!

The picture is my leg, so while I haven't done HNT, you do get a little piece of me. Hehe - piece!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I play a part here, a role. I'm sexy, smart, wet and ready. Things are always perfect and turn out okay. There are never any bad fucks or hard times. The real world is different. Today I'm feeling the real world. The truth is I have feelings and needs and wants that don't always get met. I have disappointments and heartaches and struggles. I want things I can't have and have things I don't want. That's the reality that I'm dealing with today. It may not make me very popular, but it's honest all the same.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


We’d had good sex, great sex, even mind blowing sex. I think I’ve finally met my match – someone that wants it as much as me, someone that can actually satisfy my desires, give me what I want, when I want it. Our communication is good verbal and not – we know what the other desires, almost instinctively.

We are still learning about each other though. Its that new passion, where we’re still exploring, finding those little things that make it even better – the special kinds of touches and turn-ons that are truly individualistic.

We were having an awesome session. His thick cock and my wet pussy just go together. It’s a fit like no other, a perfect fit. Our bodies were dripping with sweat and my cum was squishing as he continued to pound me. Position after position, finding the perfect angle, the perfect spot for today. It changes you know. Finally, on my back, near exhaustion, my juices running down, he began teasing my ass with his thick cock. Oh. My. I love that.

I think he was just testing the idea, not knowing if it was okay or not. I know it’s a no no for some. Not me. Give it to me. I tried to tell him with my eyes, nodding my head, saying “yes” in my whispered voice. I wanted to beg for it, but on the other side didn’t know if he wanted it like I did. So he continued, slicking me up and down with that awesome cock, using his fingers to tease my clit at the same time.

I pushed myself toward him as he would run his cock around my ass. Please? And then, finally. I didn’t know his experience in the past, but I do know he did exactly the right things for me – pushing that big thick cock in just a little, encouraging my ass to let him in all the way. Oh yes! He used his fingers on my pussy as he slowly at first, then faster began fucking my ass, that forbidden place that straddles the realm of pleasure and pain and gives me the most incredible orgasms. With only a few pumps in a few seconds I was cumming in a torrent, letting out a scream that shouldn’t have escaped, juices flowing, thighs trembling.

Holy Fuck! It was good. And yes, we can do it again. I’m a little sore, but that will pass soon enough. I love the reminder of our new experience. I can’t wait to try some more!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Call for Comments

So I'm trying something new, something exciting, something fun. I've got a new playmate and I'm letting all of you watch. I thought this would be exciting in the sex blog world. I thought you all liked to watch. BUT, I've noticed that my comments have declined. Why is that? Do you not like that I'm playing with someone or are you all just bored with me now? Did I betray you by not blogging for a while and then coming back with a new man? Please let me know. Comment anonymously if you must. I really want to know. After all, I am a pleaser!

Monday, June 19, 2006


I would spend all day waiting in a room for you, letting you enjoy the beach and the sun, just waiting for those precious minutes you can steal away to be with me. When I hear that knock on the door, I would leap up from the bed, wearing only a pair of loose shorts, and walk quickly over to let you in. I would take you by the hand and lead you in, asking about your day. As soon as the door shuts, I would pull you to me, holding you tightly, one hand at the small of your back, the other up in your hair, pulling your lips to mine and kissing you deeply but softly, tasting the salt air on you and smelling the warm aroma of the beach on your skin. Our tongues would swirl and play in our hungry mouths, and my hand would press your hips to mine, letting you feel the arousal you evoke in me. I would guide us into the room and stand you before the bed. I would break our kiss and smile at you, looking deep into your eyes and drinking you in. I would gently help you out of the little summer dress you wore over your suit, and then help you out of the suit, savoring every inch of you that is revealed to me. I would guide your hands into the waistband of my shorts and let you push them to the floor, revealing nothing underneath.

I would gently push you back to sit you on the edge of the bed, leaning over to kiss you again, then lying you back. I would kneel in front of you and spread your legs, revealing your beautiful pussy to me. I would lean in and tease you with my tongue, dancing little patterns across your now swollen and wet lips, flicking at your clit till it swells out at me. I would let you run your fingers through my hair as I devour your sweet cunt, feeling your juices flowing down my chin. I would bring you to the brink and then ease back, letting you get closer and closer until you beg me to let you cum, and then I would lick and suck on your clit until you explode under my mouth, screaming my name and moaning and thrashing on the bed. I would grab your delicious thighs in my hands and pull them up, wrapping your legs around my head as I make you cum again and again.

As you regain your breath, I would kiss a path up your sweaty, sunkissed body, tracing all along your hips and stomach and lingering long over your beautiful breasts. I would kiss the swell of each breast, then tease each nipple--first with my lips, then with my tongue, then with my teeth as I nibble and tug on them, making you hard in my mouth. I would continue up your chest and your neck until our lips lock again and you devour my mouth. I would let my rock-hard cock dangle between your legs, dripping my own lube on your thigh, until you beg me to fuck you. I would break our kiss and look into your eyes as I guide your hand to my cock. I would slowly ease myself into your waiting pussy, carefully and slowly filling you up with every inch of myself. Just as I'm nearly in, I would push forward hard with my hips, plunging myself as deep inside you as I can, grinding myself against your clit. Then I would begin to fuck you like I've been waiting all day long to do, first slow and steady, long deep strokes. I would let myself pop out just to feel the ecstasy of re-entering your hot pussy. Your legs would wrap around me, pulling me to you, and your finger would find my ass and press inside me, setting me ablaze. I would begin pounding myself into your cunt, fucking you harder and harder until I felt you clench around me and hear you screaming and moaning and cumming again, and then I would let loose, a torrent of my cum filling you as my cock jumps and twitches inside you. And finally, I would collapse on you, feeling our sweaty bodies joined together and our breathing in sync. And I would kiss your salty lips again and again, never able to get enough of you.

That's what I would do if I were there.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Want just isn’t a strong enough word. I crave you. I am so completely enthralled that I cannot seem to focus on much else. Oh sure, life goes on. There’s a job and responsibility and a family, but constantly, persistently you are in the back of my mind, pushing forward, demanding my attention.

And I give it. I give it with the look on my face and the fire between my legs. I give it with the moisture building all day long between my swollen pussy lips. I give it with my nipples pushing hard against the boundaries of my bra. I give it in the mornings when I wake up so horny that I require the attention of my own hand just to function through the day. I give it at night when I can’t go to sleep without playing one of our fantasies in my head.

Oh yes, I want you. I want you more than anything. I want your awesome cock pounding me. I want to feel it pulse and throb inside me. I want your hands all over me, exploring me, every part of me. I want to cum just for you in ways I’ve never cum before. I want you in my mouth and in my pussy and yes, even in my ass. I want to consume you over and over again with a passion that you’ve never quite experienced.

And yet, all that still doesn’t give it justice – still doesn’t explain the depths of my need. I want satisfaction that only you can give, but all I can do is wait... and want.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

My Turn, Your Turn

This feels so deliciously naughty. I wait for her, very impatiently, in the back of the restaurant near her office, trying to look inconspicuous leaning against the wall by the pay phone in between the bathrooms. I try to look like I'm engrossed in checking messages on my phone, but I'm keeping track of which restroom has people in it. Someone goes in one, someone comes out of the other, how am I supposed to keep track of this when all I can think about is her? Where is she? I can't wait much longer. Finally, I see her walk in the front door, surrounded by her co-workers. Her eyes scan the room and find me lurking in the back, and a devilish little smile crosses her lips. Her group follows the hostess to their table, and she immediately puts down her bag and excuses herself, making a beeline to the back. I shuffle back more out of sight, in case any of her friends watch her. She walks up to me and says "Hi there", still smiling. I take one more look behind her, see nobody watching or approaching, and grab her by the hand, pulling her with me into the ladies' room, hoping that was the right one. As soon as we get in, I slam the door shut and slide the bolt locked, and in an instant, we are all over each other. My hands wander every inch of her body I can reach while we kiss deeply, almost desperately, pressing our bodies together.

I have never been so happy to see someone and yet I can't let on. He is so incredibly sexy. I want the whole world to know, but dare not. I can immediately feel my pulse start to race as I excuse myself from my group and walk toward the bathroom, toward him, unsure of what is to come, but anxious to just be in his presense. My voice semi-cracks when I say "Hi there" as I'm so excited. The feel of his hand on my hand as he pulls me into the bathroom makes my knees weak. And then the kisses start. Kisses that are deep and passionate, consuming us, making me completely forget time and space. His hands on me are magic. They both satisfy me completely and make me want more all at the same time. What a beautiful contradiction.

I could go on just kissing her and feeling her delicious curves all day long, but I know we don't have long, and we both want more. We've been waiting days to be together again, and all morning I've felt myself grow hard in anticipation of this moment. Every unsatisfied erection would leave a little trace of my anticipation, a growing spot that just reminds how much I want her. As we continue kissing, I slide my hands down her thighs and grab the hem of her skirt, roughly hiking it up between us. I find her bare underneath, no panties--she knows how that makes my knees weak. I grab her round, perfect ass with both hands and lift her, clenching her body to me, and carry her to the counter. Once she's in place, I grab her hand in mine and place it on my cock straining against my pants. I know she'll take it from there. As she begins frantically unbuttoning my pants, I slip my fingers between her already swollen pussy lips, feeling the wetness and heat we're creating. Our lips and tongues continue devouring each other, unable to stop for even a breath. I want her so badly in every way.

I instantly heat up from his touch, making my pussy wet almost instantly. I’ve wanted this for days. We’ve taunted and teased each other long enough. Now I want satisfaction. I have to have him. Right here. Right now. No foreplay. The bulge in his pants obviously approves of my lack of panties. As he grabs my ass and carries me I think we’ll never reach our destination. I’m so happy to feel the cold of the counter on my bare ass when he sets me down. I anxiously begin grabbing for him. Damn men’s belts – they get me every time. I’m finding it very hard to concentrate as his fingers find my already wet pussy. I want him inside of me. I’m aching for it. When I finally get his cock in my hand its swollen and hard as a rock and there’s a little drop of precum waiting on the head. I want to lick it, but my pussy begs attention so much more than my mouth right now. I slide to the edge of the counter. “Fuck me! Fuck me now!”

Her touch on my cock is almost enough to make me explode. No matter how many times she's touched me, every time is electric. Nothing feels as good as her hands on me. That is, except for being inside her, and I almost cannot wait. I reach down and wrap my hand around hers, around my hard cock. I step forward and press the tip just against her swollen pussy, feeling the moisture and heat envelope it. I break our kiss for just a moment and look her deeply in the eye, one eyebrow arched, a moment more of teasing. I see her eyes widen, begging me to fuck her, and I soon oblige, pushing forward firmly and sinking my cock all the way inside her. The sensation is indescribable.

How dare he tease me now! I want him so much. As much as I pretend to be in charge, deep down I know the truth - the truth that he owns me. I'm his slave. I'd do anything for his touch and the feel of his awesome cock in me. That look is just too much. I wrap my long legs around his ass and pull him to me. I'll take what I want if I need to. He knows I've had enough though and finally plunges into me. What an incredible feeling it is, his cock buried deep inside me. He fills me up, satisfies me completely. What a perfect cock he has. It's as if our bodies were made for each other. My pussy immediately responds, clutching him, pulling him deeper and deeper inside, never wanting to let go.

I love knowing how she craves me, how she needs me inside her. She may say that I own her, and while I like that concept, I know that we own each other. Our hold on the other is so strong, neither of us can resist. For a long moment, I hold her body clenched to me, my cock deep inside her, savoring the feeling of her hot pussy clutching at me, my mouth on her neck, just breathing her in. Then, almost as one, we both begin to move, slowly at first, just grinding against each other. Her juices spill all over my legs as I slowly push my cock in and out of her. As we begin bucking harder against each other, I lift her ass with both hands so I can fuck her harder. With my right hand underneath her, I soak my finger in her wetness and begin exploring her ass, knowing she'll come like a tornado with my finger in her ass and my cock deep in her pussy. We won't last long this time, but it will feel oh so good.

He knows perfectly how to satisfy me - giving me exactly what I want, exactly when I want it. This is not a slow, easy love making session. Maybe we'll have that later. This is a fast fuck, satisfying what we want right then. When he pushes his finger into my ass as he continues to pound my pussy with his amazing cock, I almost immediately start to cum. I bite on my lower lip, trying to avoid screaming out. I feel my whole body tingle, my thighs shaking, every muscle tightening and releasing, the culmination of days of build up, wanting, longing, desiring this very release. He is so good to me. I arch my back and tighten my legs around him, begging him with every inch of my body to cum with me.

I've held out as long as I can. Feeling her body start to shake and her pussy tightening around my cock is more than I can take. I let loose and feel my cock begin twitching furiously inside her, pumping my come into her. I gasp and moan, clenching her body to me, gripping her ass tightly. All the buildup and waiting of the last few days flows out of us, our juices mingling and mixing and running all over us. The feeling of release is exquisite.

Recovering from our powerful orgasm, I hop off the counter, cleaning up a little, running my fingers through my hair. He smacks my ass as I walk out of the bathroom, with a promise of more the come. I return to my table with a smile that no one seems to notice, wondering when and where our next adventure will be.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

My New Fuck Toy

I suppose you've noticed my on again, off again absence lately. I haven’t posted often and honestly I’ve become rather bored. Boredom is a terrible thing for a horny girl like me. I need constant stimulation, attention, and multiple orgasms.

After much thought and consideration, I’ve decided to entertain a new friend and bring him into my world of passion. You will soon meet Dirty Secret Boy, brought here specifically for my own selfish pleasure. He has proven himself worthy, satisfying me constantly, attending to my every need and whim, offering his awesome, thick cock, and his talented fingers and tongue, making me scream his name in passion. Yes, my new fuck-toy will be playing with me here and I’m just naughty enough to share it with all of you.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Exploring with an old Friend

The Oh So Sexy Art, declared it Girl on Girl month over at BlogStormz and honestly I don’t think there’s anything Art could ask me to do that I wouldn’t. So here’s my attempt…

We’ve been friends for years, best friends even. Years and careers and geography have kept us apart, but we always find out way back. We have children and marriages behind us now and yet we still seem to always end up talking about one thing. Sex. Yes, my friend and I are certain we must be the two horniest women on earth. So, we talk about it a lot – what we’ve done, what we like, who we’ve done. There’s no holding back with us. We’re comfortable enough with each other to share things that most women wouldn’t – little tips and secrets that our lovers seem to enjoy, details to help the other out.

For years it’s been the running laugh to tease the men we’re with about being together. We have even dated the same people in the past. There’s always the same request from them. They want to see us together. We talk about this from time to time wondering if we could really do it. Wondering if it would screw with our friendship. Wondering if our competitive nature would jump in and pin us against each other with only one dick available.

There was really only one way to find out. We needed to try it alone, before including a partner. Plans were made. We decided to get a room so as not to darken the memory with one of our homes. Once there, we giggled a lot, like the little school girls we used to be. We discussed attraction, admitting there are things about women that turn us on, eventually saying what we liked about each other. For me, it’s her beautiful red hair and those perfectly round breasts. Honestly, I’d wanted to touch them for years.

The first kiss was a bit awkward, but pretty quickly we were into it. Her mouth was so soft, tongue perfect playing with mine. I was hot in minutes as our hands began wandering, taking our time though to enjoy each sensation. Finally undressed, we looked at each other a new way. Oh, I’d seen her naked before, but now it was different. Now, I wanted her, wanted to touch her and taste her. We still giggled a little, but desire had replaced the discomfort.

I could hardly wait for those breasts. Mmmm. I squeezed and played with each one, rolling one nipple between my fingers, tugging on the other’s nipple ring. She returned the favor, playing with mine, knowing exactly what felt good. I continued to cup one in my hand as I lowered my mouth on the other. Sucking and licking and nibbling. While nothing like having a hard cock in my mouth, it still felt good. I loved the sound of her moans, the feel of her hands on me as I continued. She would quickly return the favor, allowing me to run my hands through that beautiful red hair as she did.

And then came the moment that I was most nervous about, when we found each other’s pussy. We semi paused, knowing it was time, unsure and inexperienced. We locked eyes, smiling and wanting. And then I reached for her, rubbing her thighs, playing with that little tuft of red hair on her mound, gently touching her pussy lips, pleased to hear her sign and moan and then push and grind against me. She did the same with her hand. It was as if we were mirroring our motions. Slow, deliberate motions. She was so soft, so gentle and I was so wet, unsure if it was from me touching her or her touching me.

We continued exploring, finally parting her pussy lips and tracing my fingers up and down her slit. She was wet too, begging for more touch. I quickly found her clit and began teasing it with my thumb as one, two, then three fingers pushed inside her. What a wonderful feeling. She was so hot. It is true what they say about red heads. It was odd though, feeling the juices of someone else on my hands.

I wanted to taste her and although I’d never eaten pussy before I suddenly wanted it more than anything. As I moved down her body, kissing, licking, sucking as I went, she arched her back and whispered the naughtiest of words. I pushed her legs far apart, kissed the inside of her thighs and then licked one long stroke from her ass to the top of her pussy. Sweet, salty, delicious. She tasted so good and I wanted more. I also wanted to hear her cry out like she did from that first lick. So, I went to work, using my fingers to play as my tongue flicked and my lips sucked on her so hard clit. I felt her hands in my hair and suddenly knew she’d thought the same things about me. This was just encouragement.

I wanted her to cum. I wanted to know I’d given her that. I didn’t have to wait long. It seemed the same things that send me over the edge worked for her. Rubbing her clit over and over, while finger fucking her sweet pussy, I watched her expressions, knowing she was close. When she arched her back and gasped for breath, I thought I’d cum too, just from the experience of it. I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers, her thighs shaking, and immediate hot juice all over my hands. And just as I love for someone to do to me, I continued fucking her with my hand as she convulsed and shook, making it last as long as possible.

She fell back against the bed limp, smiling, and then sat up again and said simply, “Your turn.” And what a turn it was. She knew exactly what to do and I quickly came as well.

We tangled up together, legs and arms and bodies. She felt good against me and we started talking about what we’d just done, agreeing that what we both needed now was a hard cock, wishing we’d brought toys with us, or rather one of those many men that have all but begged for the experience. Course, quickly we forgot all that and played some more. I’ve never been so thankful for multiple orgasms. It was an incredible night.