Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My First Time...Pt 1

I was asked to describe my "first time" from another site. The first time I came was not very entertaining, the first time I had sex was wonderful, but I'm not ready to tell the story. The first and only time I was with a woman seemed newsworthy so....

When I was a freshman in college I lived in a coed dorm. Sounds fun huh? Oh yeah. Unfortunately though, I got engaged shortly after starting to school and did not date while I was there. As a side note, I knew even then I was marrying the wrong man, but that's another story. I became friends with the resident assistant on another floor, Scott, and one night when my roommate locked me out I knocked on his door and asked for help. He offered his bed (how nice) and he slept on the couch. Really.

Sometime during the night we began talking and I confessed to him that I knew I was getting married for all the wrong reasons. I even told him that I wasn't sexually attracted to my fiance and how much I missed sex. He offered to help. That night he pleasured me in the most amazing ways, but refused to let me so much as touch him. He said as long as I wore another man's diamond that I couldn't completely have him. Pretty strange huh? That night he made me cum over and over again with his hands and his tongue and finally jerked himself off as the morning came. Our relationship continued for several weeks. In addition to the wonderful releases he gave me, we became great friends.

As the weeks passed, I felt more and more guilty. I wanted so badly to make him feel as good as he made me feel and told him over and over again. He continued to refuse, but after a few months he offered me an opportunity to clear the slate.

Scott was also friends with a girl, Heather, that lived in the same dorm. Heather was openly a lesbian. She was beautiful. She had long blonde hair and a great body. The guys on campus always talked about what a waste it was. Mean, I know. We'd met on several occasions and she had confided in him how attracted she was to me. And so the story begins...Scott asked me to be with Heather and let him watch. It was his ultimate fantasy.

The night we met I was really nervous. I had no idea what to expect. I'd never even seen girl/girl porn and found myself wanting to back out. We met in Scott's room and had several drinks, turned on music and tried to relax. Finally, Scott gave Heather a knowing look and took a seat on the couch. Heather took me by the hand and led me to the bed. My heart was racing.

She leaned over close to me and whispered in my ear, "Don't do anything you aren't comfortable with and tell me if you want to stop. Relax and we'll take this really slow. Try to forget he's even here." That was all I needed. Suddenly any reservation I had was gone. (The beer probably helped too.)

Monday, February 27, 2006

My First Time...Pt 2

She was so calm and purposeful with her touches and words. I remember thinking that it was the first time a woman had ever told me I was sexy and I believed her. When she pulled my shirt over my head and unhooked my bra it seemed very natural and when I felt her bare skin press against my back, aware of her hard nipples it intrigued me. Again, I was experiencing something I never had before.

She first cupped my breasts and started to gently roll my nipples with her fingers. It was so soft, almost like my own touch. Her lips on the back of my neck were also soft – not that a man’s lips are rough. It was just different. When I finally turned around I was definitely into the moment. It was so very sexy. I found myself wanting to kiss her, wanting to know what her mouth would feel like, wanting to taste her.

The kiss was sensual. It was long and deep. I couldn’t get enough of it. And I was so into it that I don’t even remember how the rest of my clothes, or hers came off. I just know that it wasn’t long before I felt her hands dancing on the inside of my thighs. When her fingers finally found my pussy I couldn’t wait for her to touch me. Her touch was so different from a man. It was like touching myself only without the knowledge of where it would go. It was like she knew instinctively just what I wanted and when. She quickly found my clit and circled and flicked and teased it until I was so close to cumming. She put one finger in my pussy and played with my ass. Everything felt so wonderful. Each time I was right at that point of no return she would stop and let me build up again.

At some point, we stopped kissing and she stopped fingering me to whisper in my ear again. “I want to taste your pussy. Can I?” Oh Yes! That was when my eyes flew wide open and I saw Scott again. I’d almost forgotten he was in the room. He was so silent. He never said a word, but the look on his face and massive erection were all I needed to see to know that he was getting just what he wanted.

Heather moved down the bed and spread my legs far apart. She prompted me to turn my hips so that Scott could have the best view of what was about to happen. She slowly kissed the inside of my thighs until she reached my pussy. I was already so wet. I think as soon as her tongue touched my slit I started to cum and by the time she found my clit I was over the edge. I came so hard it was like a wave of pleasure that kept rolling over and over me. My legs were shaking and my whole body tingled. Heather stayed between my legs and gently blew warm air on my pussy. It was amazing. When the shaking stopped she moved up my body and laid her head on my stomach. I was spent and I hadn’t done a thing. It was feeling I’d never felt before and haven’t felt since. With her head on my stomach she found her own pussy and quickly brought herself the same release. I know at some point Scott had done the same, but I didn’t see him as it happened.

Afterwards we all fell asleep in bed together – me in the middle – and the next morning I got up and went back to my room, showered and went to class. Scott and I continued to see each other after that, but we were never intimate again. He wanted a real relationship and I just couldn’t give it to him. I saw Heather a few times and always felt really awkward, but she would just smile and go on.

So that’s my “first” story. Sorry it’s not more exciting. No strap-ons or really kinky stuff. It initially bothered me that I enjoyed being with Heather so much. I wondered if I was even a lesbian. I know though that nothing takes the place of good hard cock. Then, part of me regrets not being more involved. I only touched her a little. I was too scared. I would really like to be with a woman again – if there was a man there too. While I was really satisfied with Heather, if would have been nice to have someone to really fuck me after we had played a while. I think a threesome would be the best of both worlds. Maybe one day…

Saturday, February 25, 2006

My Dream

I had the most delicious dream...

I was in the tub with all the bubbles. It was warm. Candles were burning. Its my one escape when the day in over. Its during these baths that I close my eyes and escape. I find myself dreaming of another time and fantasizing of other places. Most nights my hands slip under the warm water and find the folds of my pussy. This night was no different. With my eyes closed I was gently massaging, feeling myself grow more and more aroused. I hadn't even parted my lips or begun to rub my clit. I was just enjoying my own touch on my body. With my left hand I found one nipple and tugged, just a little. I love the tingling sensation that I get from having my nipples pinched.

I was so into my fantasy that I didn't even sense the presense of someone else in the room until I felt your hand brush my cheek. My eyes popped open to see you standing there by the tub complete erect. I wonder how long you'd been standing there. I started to sit up, but you nodded your head telling me to stay and finish. So I continued pleasuring myself while you watched until I was so close I couldn't stand it anymore.

I raised up out of the water and got on my knees in front of you. Your cock was so hard. It was begging for my lips. I kept one hand between my own legs, still enjoying my own touch, alternating between rubbing my clit and inserting 2 fingers in my pussy. I first licked your balls - one at a time, from the bottom almost back to your ass to the top. Then I traced my tongue from the base of your cock to the tip, taking extra time to lick the head where the precum had already appeared. I love to taste your cock. I love the feel of it in my mouth. The more I took in the more I excited I became. My pussy was dripping wet, not from the bath, but from my own juices. I sucked harder and harder on your dick and fingered myself harder and harder. When I felt the first burst of hot cum in my mouth it was all I needed to send me over the edge. I felt cum hitting the backing of my throat and my own pussy contracting around my fingers. It was incredible. As I swallowed I felt the last tremor from my own hand. I layed back in the tub trying to catch my breath from the intensity of it all.

When I woke up my hands were covered with my own cum. It was dripping down the inside of my thighs...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Alone at My Parent's House

My parents were out of town. I haven’t lived in that house for more than 15 years, but when they asked me to come over while they were gone and install the new computer I knew what I wanted. Yes, I’d be glad to set up their new machine. I’d also let a special friend know when I was there. The fantasy of making love in my old bedroom with an old boyfriend was one I just couldn’t pass up.

He told me to leave the door open and be ready. I was nervous. I didn’t do what he said. When he arrived he came in, closed and locked the door behind him. He found me in sis’ room and was not happy that I didn’t do what I was told. He stood behind me, unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them, along with my panties down. He told me to bend over and grab my ankles. I knew what was coming and I was so excited. With every slap to my ass I grew more and more wet. The sting of his hand on my skin was soothed each time with a kiss and a lick. After every few kisses came a bite. Oh, how I love those bites.

He told me to get undressed and I finally convinced him to go into my room. Laying there on the bed, fully exposed he paused a minute to look at me. I love him looking at me. I love the look in his eyes when he’s filled with desire. I love the fullness of his lips and wish I felt them on me all the time. From there he told me to roll over and get up on my hands and knees. On the edge of the bed, now knowing what was next I felt his tongue. My pussy was so wet already. He knows just what I like. He does all the right things. I would soon feel the head of his cock, teasing me, making me want it more and more. I rocked, backing up more and more on him until he couldn’t wait anymore. He wanted it too. “What do you want baby?” “Fuck me,” I whispered. “What?” “Fuck Me! Fuck Me Now!” The feeling of him inside of me is unlike any other. No one feels as good. No one fits like him. The rhythm is perfect and when he starts to finger my ass in time as well I cum so hard that it leaves me breathless. Cum soaking him, running down my thighs. I fall forward on the bed in complete satisfaction. He curled up beside me, stroking my neck and my hair.

Then he told me what would happen next as he pulled my hair. He told me its time to play. I love playing. He wants to play rough. He wants me to fight. I’m more than willing to play along. Only this time, the fighting doesn’t last long. We start that way, but at some point can’t continue. I think we were both so consumed with our passion that we wanted to just make love. The roughness and resistance transitioned to steady, deliberate love making. My legs were wrapped around his ass, my arms around his back. We were rocking slowly, just enjoying every stroke. And kissing. Yes, kissing. Deep, tender, kisses that you only have with the perfect partner. I’ve never treasured kisses like I do his. They are giving and passionate and loving.

Later when we’re dressed he told me that if he had to choose between the kisses and the sex that he would take the kisses. I’m glad I don’t have to choose.

We went to lunch and parted ways. I went back to my parents to finish the job I started, but a few hours later I went to his house and we made love again. I think if we had more than a few stolen hours we would kill each other. I can’t think of a better way to go.

Why can’t I get enough of him? Why am I consumed with him? Where will this all take me?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Wanting Me

You want me again. Its almost funny how after we've been together I'm forgotten for a few days - even though you say you never forget me. It's been over a week since we've actually seen each other. You're calling be everyday now. You want it. You want me. The thoughts of tasting my pussy and feeling my lips around your hard cock are consuming you again. It consumes me too. I play like I'm fine without you, but deep down its all I think about.

Our phone conversation a few nights ago was intense. We talked about our fantasies. We replayed mine of being taken in force. I came so hard thinking about you pounding into me from behind, pulling my hair, biting me. I love that role. I love being in your control. It makes me so hot I can hardly contain it. When the fantasy had played out I was laying breathless on my bed with cum covering both my hands.

And then you told me a fantasy you hadn't trusted with me before. You told me about your wish to trade roles. You want to be submissive. This is a game I haven't played before, but the thoughts of it brought another orgasm so quick I didn't know what to do. Cum was running down my thighs. I was overtaken with the pleasure of it all. Spikey boots and handcuffs, making you my slave? I'm so excited.

I need help with this fantasy. I want to do it right. I hope someone can give me some tips to make this an awesome experience for you...

Monday, February 06, 2006

Needing me again

I'd given up on you. I didn't think you were coming. I had almost gone to sleep and decided staying in the hotel was a waste of my time and money. When the phone rang I almost jumped. Why do I do that? Why do I anticipate your touch and your tongue so much?

The knock on the door came quickly. I was ready for bed. My hair down. A little black chemise and black panties on. You were shaking from the cold outside. We quickly got into the bed to warm up after you had undressed. Warmth came quickly. And so did I after you told me to roll onto my stomach and be very still. The feel of you pulling off my panties, running your fingers between my legs, finding my already wet pussy was wonderful. I love the roughness of your day old beard on my back.

Then for you to tell me that you are going to do something very special for me was an even greater surprise than you showing up at all. Your tongue seperating my pussy lips and finding my clit is the greatest pleasure. With one finger in my ass and one in my pussy I cum harder than any other way. You know that don't you? That's why you tease me - a little at a time, bringing me so close and then backing off.

Two hours of passion. Two hours of not sex, but love making. Two hours and then you're gone.

Now, I'll spend weeks replaying it in my mind until you need me again. Oh, how I wish you needed me again right now.