Monday, July 31, 2006

Wants and Needs

I’m independent and strong. I can take care of myself. When it comes to romance, you can leave the flowers at home. I can have sex without love and find it quite satisfying. I don’t need to cuddle afterwards. I won’t wait for a phone call or be upset if I don’t hear from you for a few days. I’ll tell you what I want sexually, when I want it. You won’t have to guess. I can keep great secrets and play all the games. I won’t require that you remember dates and times of random events in the relationship.

So what DO I want or more importantly, what do I need? Interesting question. I’ve pondered it a great deal lately. Honestly, I’m not sure. I’ve been described as “insatiable” more than once. That’s not all together true. I can be satisfied, have been satisfied. I just find that the need, the desire is back as quickly as its quenched.

What I really want though is long, deep kisses, not because its foreplay, but because you crave the taste of me, can’t wait to feel my tongue playing with yours. I want to know, instinctively that you want me and need me more than anything. I want to feel loved, even though I don’t need to hear the words. I want to see desire in your eyes, hear it in your voice. I want you to crave me the same way I crave you. I want you to want me in every possible way.

I do not seem to be able to ask for these things. It seems selfish, something I will not allow myself to be. But in not allowing myself to be vulnerable am I curtailing any chance I have of getting what I really want? Have I become so cold in an effort to be agreeable that I’ve taught those around me to not give me what I need most?

Just the things I’m pondering tonight. Next time will be sexier. I promise.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

My Fantasy

The room is completely dark with the exception of a single candle burning in the corner. There’s music, but its low, just a hint of a sound in the background. You’re waiting for me. I like the preparation, knowing you made plans, knowing you’ve waited. It feels good, makes me think I’m less of a whore and more like something special.

You meet me halfway across the floor. You are so sexy. I could eat you up. The look in your eyes, the expression on your face, those lips all work together to drive me crazy. And that’s before I consider what’s in your pants. You grab me by the back of my neck, tugging on my hair, holding my head back so you can kiss my neck hungrily. Chills run up and down me. I love the feel of your mouth on my neck.

Your kisses are deep and passionate, giving all of yourself to me in such a simple gesture. I hardly notice your hands removing my clothes the kisses are so good. I escape into them, completely forgetting the world around me. By the time I realize I’m undressed, you’ve produced a simple black scarf. Without words, you turn me around and cover my eyes. I can’t help but smile.

We’ve never played this game, but I can hardly wait. There’s something so sexy about not being able to see. It’s as if all the energy from that sense goes into the others, allowing you to feel more, hear more, and taste more.

Once blinded, you push me to my knees. I hear you all around me; feel your hands on my shoulders, the back of my head. I feel your knee brushing against my back. I’m completely vulnerable to you and yet I know I’m safe. In what seems to be forever, you circle me once again and then I feel a touch on the side of my face. No, not your hand. That’s right, I want your cock. Give it to me baby.

Course, I quickly learn I have to play by your rules. You smack my cheeks just a little with your wonderful cock and then tease my lips. I lick them in anticipation. Finally, you let me suck you. I love the feel of your growing cock in my mouth. It’s amazing even when it’s not quite hard, but as it swells in my mouth it is truly remarkable. I love it really, worship it, and want it more than anything. I think I could suck it for hours, but you simply want my mouth to prime you. You have more plans.

When you take your shaft from my mouth, I whimper a little. I hear you chuckle just a little, enjoying the knowledge of how much I enjoy your cock. You reach for my hands and pull me to feet, then lead me to the bed. I hope you’re ready to fuck me, but instead you know the tease has just begun.

Laying flat on the bed, you begin touching me. I feel fingers from my forehead all the way to my ankles. Soft, sensual touches, followed with kisses and licks and sometimes even sucks. I can feel the moisture between my legs and think I might just cum from the experience without the first touch to my pussy. I want you more than I’ve ever wanted anything. My back arches and you hear the low moans, knowing you’re driving me crazy.

I can feel you moving around me. You are kneeling between my legs. I know your thick cock is so close. I’m starting to think you’ll torture me forever, but hope you won’t be able to hold out much longer. Just when I think you’re about to give in, you turn me over, starting another round on my back. I love the feel of your whiskers on my back. It is intoxicating and oh so sexy.

It’s at this point, that I begin begging you. “Please fuck me, baby! I want you so!” Still between my legs, you lean over me and whisper in my ear, “Be patient.” My patience is gone. I’m soaking wet. I want you pounding me. I want to scream in ecstasy as I cum all over your thick cock.

You fingers find my pussy, but you know just how much to tease me before I cum. You are so in tune with my body. One finger in my pussy, one in my ass. I’m so wet and hot. When you finally pull my hips up and thrust inside me I’m the wettest I’ve ever been. I back up on you, pushing against you, wanting the hardest, fastest fuck ever. I know now how turned on you are too, feeling how swollen you are in me. The head of your cock thumps the deepest part of me, making me scream with each stroke. I start to cum in a surge of juices and quivers and contractions. You feel my pussy grabbing your cock in ways you’ve never felt as my juices run down your thick shaft, over your balls and even your thighs. Tears are running down my cheeks from the sheer pleasure I’m experiencing. Soon you’re cumming too. It’s a powerful exchange – slaps and fluids and crude emotion.

Pure satisfaction that satisfies completely and yet still makes me want more. I crave that feeling. I want it more than anything and you are oh so good to give it to me. Thank you.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Raw. Tender. Tired. Sore. Red. Swollen. This is the state of affairs with my pussy right now. You licked me, sucked me, pounded and fucked me and now I’m completely worn out. I want to curl up in a bed of pillows with ice between my legs and remember every touch and pleasure. That’s not a good idea though as my body would betray me again, telling me I wanted more, causing me more discomfort later.

No one pleasures me like you – not now, not ever. I thought I’d never find someone to satisfy my needs, thought I’d always be left wanting. You’ve silenced those thoughts as for the first time in my life I am completely content, pleased in knowing where I can get what I want without any disappointments.

And yet as perfect as our arrangement seems to be it still leaves me wondering at times, in my own insecurity, swimming in a sea of questions that I dare not ask for fear of the answers.

So for now I rest, knowing soon my pussy will recover and I’ll be ready for you again.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mile High

Flying away with you for a whole weekend is the most exciting thing I've ever done. I cannot stop looking at you, touching you, wanting you. Shortly after the plane takes off, you feel my hand on your thigh again, lightly caressing and pushing under your flimsy skirt. We were lucky to have no one else in our row and I turn my back to the aisle to partly shield anyone's view as I slide my hand further up your thigh. Even though I know what awaits me, the feeling of your bare pussy under my fingers sends a shiver down my spine, and immediately stiffens my cock. I take your hand in mine and gently press it against my crotch, and your eyes widen as you feel how hard I am. I put your hand back in your lap and sit back for a moment, collecting and calming myself. Once I'm back down again, I stand up and motion to you twice--once pointing to the rear of the plane, then holding up 3 fingers. You smile, knowing exactly what I have in mind. I walk to the restroom at the back of the plane and close the door behind me, and then wait patiently.

Just as you were told, you wait three minutes, fidgeting in your seat and giggling to yourself with anticipation. Then you rise and walk to the back of the plane, waiting for the flight attendant to head up the aisle to serve drinks. Confirming no one is looking, you push the door open and step inside. I hide best I can behind the door and squeeze it shut behind you once you're in, sliding the bolt shut. I immediately grab your face in my hands and begin kissing you hungrily. My hands slide down your back and press your hips to me, and you feel my hard cock push at you. You whimper and pull me closer with your hands on my hips. After a long kiss, I spin you around facing away from me and tell you to hold still. I unbuckle my pants and push them down to my ankles, sitting on the seat of the toilet. Your beautiful ass is right in front of my face, and I push your skirt up and begin kissing and caressing your curves. You thrust yourself back against me, and my hand quickly slips between your legs to find the hot wetness of your cunt. I rub gently at first, then harder, slipping two fingers inside you as you moan deeply and grind against my hand.

I sit back, letting my hard cock stand upright, and pull you back to me. You gently position yourself over me and we pause for that delicious moment when the tip of my throbbing shaft nestles in between the juicy lips of your pussy. You then slide slowly onto me, taking me in and squeezing me as I sink all the way inside you. You sit on my lap, grinding yourself against me for a moment before you begin slowly bouncing on my cock. The sight of your bare ass moving in front of me is intoxicating. I let you set the pace, one hand wrapped in your hair pulling you back to me, the other reaching around and under your bra to squeeze your nipples. You moan and whimper as you grind on me and rub your clit, bringing yourself closer and closer to cumming. As you approach your climax, you press both hands against the door so you can push against me, and I raise my hips to meet yours, fucking you harder and harder till I feel your pussy clench around me and you let out a stifled cry of ecstasy. I feel your juices gush into my lap, and I let myself go, feeling my cock jump and twitch inside you as I pump my own load into you. We slowly come to a stop, still pressed together, till you regain your breath.

You slowly stand up, letting my cock slip out of you. You turn around to face me and guide me to switch positions with you so you can sit down while I stand. You take my cock gently in your hand, feeling its semihardness, and you begin licking and sucking ever so gently on it, cleaning our juices from me, loving the taste of your cum and my cum all over me. For what seems like an eternity, you massage me with your mouth, knowing just how much I can handle at this point. Finally I'm limp and clean, and you look up at me with a loving smile on your face and a lick of your lips.

I put my pants back on and quietly step out of the restroom and back to my seat, letting you follow a few minutes behind. Maybe it's just in my head, but I feel like I see several people turn to look with a knowing smirk or wide eyes. As you sit back down, you place your hand squarely in my lap and squeeze my cock, letting me know that we're only just starting.

Monday, July 17, 2006


My body ached for you. It ached for days and nights, wanting your touch, your tongue, your fullness inside of me. I went to sleep with it on my mind and found it again in the morning, all of me, wanting all of you.

I suppose we are approaching a plateau of sorts as we have found a level of comfort in our time and our touch. I meet you without fear of disappointment or rejection. I feel you do the same. While there are new elements still left to explore, there is solace in knowing there are no agendas or hidden expectations, just each lover’s desire to please the other.

And so today my body ached for you, wanted you, and needed you.

Graciously, with seemingly little effort you satisfied all of those needs and wants, giving me just what I wanted, just when I needed it. That perfect rod filled me completely, forcing me to scream your name, giving me pleasure I didn’t know was possible.

You replaced my ache for you with an ache because of you. Now I feel the results of the unbelievable passion that was ours. Now I feel the soreness and the swell left between my legs and I love every bit of it. I relish in that soreness and even the slight sting, loving the silent reminder I have.

I know that soon they will change places again, as I already want you again. It’s the unquenchable thirst, an insatiable desire that I seek to fill over and over again. I do hope you will continue providing for my greed as it seems now you are the only one that can.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Cumming Together

I found him in the hotel, on the bed, already undressed, oh so sexy. Those eyes. I could dive into those eyes and stay for days. I was so anxious. I always am. We’ve met several times now, our encounters have become regular, but I’m still always anxious. I suppose that insecure part of me thinks that at some point he’ll reject me, as others have. I wish I didn’t have that fear, but I do.

I kicked off my shoes and jumped on the bed playfully as he asked what I wanted. I laughed and suggested a nap. More strangeness in that I’ve never really wanted to cuddle. I don’t need that after sex snuggle stuff some women talk about. With him though, it feels good. The sex is amazing, but I also relish the sensual nature of our touches beyond just fucking.

He agrees to the nap, but says that it’s only fair that I undress too. So, talking off my shirt and shorts, I lay beside him, throwing my leg over his thigh, knowing my pussy is already warm on his leg. It only takes a minute or so of rubbing his chest and kissing his neck when he’s rolled over, hovering over me, grinding the bulge in his boxers against me, making me moan with very little effort.

He promptly removes my bra and slides down my body, kissing as he goes, sliding down my panties. He pushed my legs apart and began licking. Oh how I love his tongue. Today though, he stopped, grabbed a pillow and told me to prop my head up. He wanted me to watch. Oh my. What an incredible request. So, I watched as he devoured my pussy. Slow licks, gently touches, mixed with sucks and flicks and animal aggression. His mouth is perfect. He brought me right to the edge time after time, yet wouldn’t let me cum. He was saving that and I’m glad he did.

When he stood up from the bed to take off his boxers, I followed him on my hands and knees anxious to get at that amazing cock. It’s beautiful really – long, thick, well defined head that swells to the perfect shape. It’s the ideal cock, flawless and unique. I can’t wait to get it in my mouth again. I dream of sucking this cock. Its magnificent, as is the man to whom it belongs. He stiffens further in my mouth as I try to tease him in the same ways he was teasing me only minutes earlier. Sucking him turns me on even more. My pussy was becoming wetter and wetter as it ached to be filled by that awesome cock and as much as I loved it in my mouth, where I really wanted it was my pussy.

I raised my eyes up, slid him out of mouth and said “Fuck me? Please?!” And he was happy to oblige. Sliding in gently and then fucking me in ways I’ve never been fucked. He fills me. It’s amazing. The fullness of his cock, spreading my folds, diving deeper and deeper, even bottoming out at times. Pleasure and pain. Ecstasy and agony. Excitement and calm. Our bodies are made for each other, as if his cock was made from the mold of my pussy. Perfection.

There were positions, many of them. Time passed. I came several times, spilling juices onto him and the clean sheets and he kept pounding me. My eyes permanently rolled back in my head and I imagined a crowd gathered outside our door from my screams and moans as he stood from the bed and I returned to my hands and knees. I rocked back as he entered me again, this time from behind. So deep. So good. I love the feel of his hands on my hips, pulling me to him, occasionally scratching down my back, leaning over to let me feel those whiskers in the same place.

Then, something amazing happened. We were slamming against each other, his balls smacking my ass with each stroke. The urgency was there. I could feel him swelling even more inside me. I knew I was close too. Just as that first burst of hot cum shot inside me, my pussy let go – grabbing, clenching, convulsing, as his cock twitched and blasted me with his load. Cumming together for minutes, my legs shaking, both of us moaning in pleasure. It was intoxicating, amazing. It left me dizzy and bewildered. My head was spinning in pleasure as I fell forward on the bed with a satisfaction I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced before. What an amazing lover I have.

Monday, July 10, 2006

An End to the Perfect Day

After our time on the couch, we lay there for a long time, snuggling, cuddling, enjoying each other without another care in the world. After making a light dinner and watching a little TV, we retire to the bedroom where I'm sure you're more than satisfied and the sexual part of our day has come to a close. As I undress and slide under the sheet next to you I'm surprised though to move close to you and find you hard yet again. I swear I'm already a little sore from the day, but I don't dare want to disappoint you. You nuzzle next to my neck and whisper in my ear telling me how much you've enjoyed the day, how you wish everyday was like today and how that you know I'm probably sore, but you want just a little more. I sigh, playfully, acting a little put out, but you know I'm kidding with you. "Well, if you must, but you're doing all the work this time mister - I'm tired!" I follow the statement with a playful grin and a wink.

You slide your hand between my thighs, tickling me a little, then finding my pussy. With one finger, you run up and down my slit, getting me wet all over again, pausing to circle my clit just a little, fingering me so carefully and gently. I am admittedly sore, but this feels so good. I move the covers aside, my body now completely exposed again, with my pussy now closer to your hand and my mouth now closer to your hard cock. "Well this is how we started this day. I think it only fair we end it this way too." I wonder if you're sore too. So I move slowly, barely kissing you at first, licking oh so gently. I match the intensity of my licks and kisses and sucks with the intensity of your touches.

It's as if we're having the most sensual of touches, aware of the slightest touch and feeling. While we go on like this for the longest time, we do reach an urgency at some point. With my pussy in view now, you can see how pink I am, swollen lips, engorged with the passion we've had during the day and the passion I'm feeling for you right now. You see my little clit swelled up too, wanting to cum yet again. I feel you growing even more in my mouth, loving how much your head swells up right before you cum. As with the other times in the day, my goal is that we cum together, but its almost like a game now, who will get there first. I'm working very hard on you, trying to put your touches out of my mind so I can concentrate. I want this last one to be the best yet. You gasp and moan as my tongue works its magic, circling and swirling while still sucking, wanting your cum so much. Finally, I feel you really stiffen, your balls tighten and that first twitch. You cum in a surprisingly loud grunt for you, which pleases me more than you know. In fact, I'm pretty proud of myself as I lay back. I'm satisfied in knowing that you are satisfied and while I don't say anything, I fully intend to turn back around and snuggle up for a good nights sleep with you.

As I begin to wiggle around, you grab my leg, smack my ass and firmly inform me that you aren't done. Ooooh. I like that. So, I lay back down, pussy in full view, turned on now more than ever. You continue to play with your fingers, now using both hands, pushing one deep inside me and finding that wonderful gspot. As you push up on it, another continues to work on my clit. As if turning the perfect combination, my back arches, I scream out and hot juice all but squirts out of me, all around your fingers. Its so much liquid that it shocks you and if you didn't know better you might just think I'd peed on you, but you DO know better. Its the hottest, wettest explosion you've ever experienced. It leaves me breathless and confused and leaves an actual wet spot on the bed. It takes me a few minutes to gather my senses and once I have I'm a little embarassed. I apologize for gushing on you, but you assure me that its okay, as we find some new sheets for the bed before we both collapse in complete exhaustion.

Course you never know...after a couple of hours sleep I might just wake you up and have my way with you again....

Friday, July 07, 2006

More of a Great Thing

While we're out getting lunch, I'd of course mess with you the entire time, rubbing your thigh, sneaking a squeeze here and there. My goal would be to get you so worked up that you just couldn't take it anymore.

When we arrive back to our place I'm growing more and more impatient, actually pulling and tugging at your pants, kissing on your neck as we park. I can't wait to get at you again. So much so, I grab you before you even get the door open, pinning you against it, running my thigh up the side of your leg, grinding against you. You open the door and we practically fall in, me on top of you, pulling my shirt over my head and yours, frantically taking off all our clothes.

I decide the floor won't be the most comfortable place, so I pull you up, pushing you back onto the couch, straddling your already hard cock. You want me as much as I want you and this time I plan to ride you nice and slow. I hover over you just a bit, then sit down completely on you, moaning from the feel of you inside me again. You reach around, grabbing my ass as I begin rocking back and forth on you, my nipples hard and bouncing right in front of you.

As good as this feels, after a while I'm ready to feel you even deeper inside me, knowing how to make that happen. I lay back on the couch, pulling my legs up to my head and pull you up on top of me. As you slide into me again, you're shocked by just how hot and wet I am. With my ankles on your shoulders you begin hard thrusting inside me. I scream and moan with each stroke, "Fuck me! Fuck me!". With yet another orgasm right there for the taking I begin meeting you with your thrusts, loving the pounding I'm getting, begging for more. Finally one hard thrust and I feel you explode once again, all inside me. You fall forward on me, me cumming with you. I wrap my legs around you holding you close to me, feeling every twitch and burst, my pussy milking you until you can't take it anymore.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Tangled up together in a heap of legs and arms we enjoy a nice, long nap. The room is cool, almost cold from the air conditioning, and our naked bodies feel good snuggled up together. Your thigh between my legs still feels the heat of my pussy, even though it's been hours since our last fuck. Sleepily I snuggle up to you, whispering in your ear how much I love you, how sexy you are, how great you make me feel, how that if you're up to it I really want to fuck again. Course, it is YOUR day, so its your choice.

I get up from our bed and head to the bathroom, pausing a moment to look back at you with a sly grin. In the bathroom, I turn the shower on, nice and steamy and step under the water. I lean my head back, getting my hair wet, enjoying the feel of the water running down my back as you step in too. I smile, glad you were willing to follow me, but immediately drop to my knees. I run my head up and down your legs, kissing you, rubbing my wet hair against you, finally kissing your balls and your wonderful cock. You aren't completely hard, but you're far from limp. It's been a busy morning though. I don't want to completely wear you out.

I begin sucking again, at first on the tip, teasing you just a little with my wet lips. Oh how I love sucking your cock. I'm so turned on from the sight of you, the feel of you, and the water on my back. You lean forward, pushing into my mouth deep, fucking my face. I enjoy the feel of your hands on my head and in my wet hair. My moans and low hums tell you as much. Quickly you are as hard as you've ever been, filling my mouth. I pause for a moment and look up at you…"What do you want baby? Should I finish here, or do you want me to bend over so you can fuck my tight ass?" I imagine the decision is hard for you. But, you pull at my arms, urging me to stand.

One last kiss to your cock and I turn around, bending forward with my hands on the shower walls. My pussy is plenty wet. You turn me on so much. I reach behind me and take your throbbing cock in my hand, running it between my legs, lubing it up for my waiting ass. Then, I push you right on the outside of my ass and back up on you. This forces a nice squeal/scream from my mouth. Slowly, slowly, then faster and deeper you fuck my ass. It feels so good. You can't believe just how tight it is. I continue to brace myself with my left hand but reach between my legs with my right to stroke your balls just a little as you pound into me. Finally, I can't take it anymore and I begin rubbing my clit, getting closer and closer to cumming myself.
I start begging you to cum with me, "Please cum for me baby? Please. I want that hot load of yours in my ass, running down my legs. Cum with me?" As if my words were the only encouragement you needed, I feel you tighten and just as I'm going over the edge too you fill my ass with that hot cream. Oh Man! It feels wonderful.

Satisfied and spent, we finish showering, washing each other, lathering up the appropriate parts, enjoying each other's bodies even beyond the sex...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Your Pleasure

I would let you sleep late to begin with, but when I notice you start to stir my head would disappear under the covers, finding your morning wood, gently touching you, kissing your stomach and your thighs. Soon, I wouldn't be able to wait any longer and I'd wrap my lips around the head of your wonderful cock – nothing vigorous as I don't want to alarm you. I just want to wake you in pleasure. Gently kissing and sucking on just your head at first, then deeper and deeper in my throat. I think you'd be awake by then, moaning just a little. I'd look out from under the covers and meet your sleepy eyes looking down at me. "Good morning Baby" and then quickly take you in my mouth again. Now I can be more vigorous, tongue circling your head while I bob up and down, sucking hard and then gently, hands playing with your balls, squeezing on your thighs. As I feel you building, I slow down, sometimes even stopping to lick your balls, sucking them a little, and laying my head to one side so you can see. I want this to be a good one. Finally, I know you're ready and I take you all back in my mouth, swallowing you down. You feel the back of my throat, my mouth hot and wet. I'm sucking harder and harder, slurping, moaning as I'm enjoying this as much as you. When you finally cum, it's an explosion in my mouth, shooting in the back of my throat, hardly allowing me to taste you. I take it all, careful to clean you up, coming back up from the bottom of the bed to kiss you, if you don't mind.

I encourage you to just lay back and relax, enjoying your morning as I go to make you breakfast, bringing your coffee to you first. It is of course your day, but I intend to keep you in bed as much of it as possible.

After our late breakfast in bed, I clean up a little and then return to you, removing what little I was wearing on the way back in. I stand in the doorway, naked in front of you, with the intentions of seducing you, as if you're going to be difficult to convince. I begin circling my nipples with my fingers, making them rock hard. I walk a little closer, turning around, giving you full view of my full ass, swaying a little from side to side, laughing a little at myself for my silliness. I spread my legs just a little and then bend over, touching my palms to the floor, continuing that sway. You can see everything now, my already swollen pussy lips, and perhaps even a little glistening moisture on them. I stand back up, making my way to the end of the bed and crawl up on all fours. I slink toward you, slowly, pulling at what covers are over your legs. I straddle your feet and legs, grinding a little on one knee as I make my way up, rubbing my hard nipples along your hairy legs. You feel me wet now, taking any wonder away.

Perched over the top of you, my nipples barely touching your chest, the heat of my pussy evident, I hover over you, kissing your neck, then your lips. As our kisses become more and more passionate, I wiggle my hips to position the head of your now swollen cock at the entrance of my pussy. You feel the heat and the moisture as I slide and grind on you, not quite letting you enter until I'm sure you're swollen to your full potential, which by the way, doesn't take long. Finally, I find the head again with my hot hole and slowly slide down on you, sitting up and using all of my weight to push you deep inside me. As I straighten my body up, even leaning back, I steady myself with my palms on your thighs and start to rock. Deeper and deeper with every stroke, you can't believe just how deep you are. My pussy is so hot and seems to be grasping you with each motion. I continue in rhythm for quite some time, watching you, gearing my movements by your expressions, your breathing, your pleasure. Eventually, I want a faster ride so I lean back forward just a little, hands on the headboard and begin bouncing on you, gently a first, but picking up speed. My tits are bouncing right in your face now, nipples so hard. I'm all about your pleasure today baby, but I can't help but get carried away with this. You feel so damn good in me and I reach a point that goes beyond my control. Furiously bouncing on you, fucking you, you feel me really tighten around you along with an urgency in my breathing and my face and then suddenly I buck and arch my back and scream out your name as you feel an explosion on your hard cock followed by the hottest, wettest juices spilling out around you. I don't stop there though. It only encourages me to give you the same pleasure so I bounce and bounce faster and faster until I feel you swell up even more inside me and then reward me with the same. You cock stiffens and twitches followed with several hard shots of creamy cum all inside me. Mmmmmm.

I suppose we need a nap after that….more to follow....

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


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Stories You Wouldn’t Write Home About: Jekyll, Hyde, and the Happy Whore Place (
Lunch at the Fountain of You (
Theatrics (
My Turn, Your Turn (
Summer Vacation (
So Hot, So Hard (
Loving vs. Fucking (
Two in One Day or “I Want Some Cinnamon” (
Losin’ It (
I Want a Sunday Kind Of Love… (
The Middle of the Night (
One Plus Two (
Vegas (
God is Infinitely Seductive (
Doin’ tha Dirty Dishes (
Vivid Dream (
Little Tease (
Fade (

Pinup art by Anthony Guerra, c/o ErotiCandy Blog.