Thursday, April 27, 2006

First Ever Audio Post

I came home tonight and found an empty house. This doesn't happen often and as I was over the top horny (you know who you are and why I am) I decided to take advantage of it. I got my two favorite toys out - Lucky and Big and had a little fun. I also took the opportunity to record it, or at least the end of it for you all. I have to admit I was a little nervous and actually held back a lot. I still think you'll like it. Please let me know if you do.

this is an audio post - click to play

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Showering Together

This is how I wish last night had gone…

I came home after a long day of work and then school. I was tired and yet keyed up at the same time. School does that to me sometimes. I think when my mind is stimulated it gives me a new level of energy, what I’ve heard some call a “second wind.” I managed to eat a bite, get the kids in bed, and straighten up a little, then decided I’d get a shower and try to wind down.

I undressed as I made my way to the bathroom, taking off my blouse, removing my bra. My shoes were gone long before. I opened the bathroom door as I was unbuttoning my pants, showing the top of my lacy black panties. He was there, in the bathroom, about to take a shower as well. In fact, he was completely naked, bent over the tub turning on the water.

He still looks good to me, even better actually than when we married. He’s gone from a skinny twenty something to a well rounded nearly forty year old. I like the way his arms and legs and neck have filled out. I appreciate the firmness in his legs from the running and his arms and chest from the lifting.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you were in here. I was going to get a shower too. Can I join you?”

“I’d like nothing better.”

He stepped in the shower first, then me. Using sponges and body wash we took turns soaping each other up, he taking extra time to pull on my nipples just a little as he crossed my chest, me taking extra time to massage his balls and tease him a little. I enjoyed watching his growing cock as my hands ran over his body and his over mine, knowing I was having an effect, knowing he feels the same way about my body that I feel about his.

As he leaned under the water to rinse, I dropped to my knees, unwilling to wait anymore. I licked and sucking on his balls before moving to his cock. I like the tease, watching him watching me, knowing what he wants. As I licked up and down his shaft, finally taking him in my mouth, he let out a low moan. When I took him completely, devouring my prize, he gasped. I love knowing I can still pleasure him.

After what seemed like a very short time, he pulled me back up to him, pushing my wet hair out of my face, kissing me deeply. I was thankful for the feel of his fingers moving between my legs, my pussy begging for attention. He seemed happy to find my pussy wet, not just from the water, but from my own juices, turned on merely from sucking him. Satisfied I was ready; he turned me around and began rubbing his hard cock up and down the crack of my ass. I love that feeling. Some women complain about feeling the hard dick on their back or their ass in the middle of the night. Not me. I’d give anything for it.

Finally, I bent over, spreading my legs just far enough, grabbing my ankles for balance. With his hands on my hips he plunged into me and held me right there for a minute or two. My pussy must have been pulling and pushing though, because finally he agreed to fuck me like I wanted, pounding into me over and over, harder and harder. Water was splashing and the sounds of slapping flesh were everywhere, but neither of us cared. We were finishing our day the right way. As good as it felt, it was even better when he reached around and went to work on my clit. I was almost immediately cumming, pushing my ass against him harder and harder begging him to cum with me. The feeling of his hot load inside me was such pleasure.

…Unfortunately, that is not how the evening played out, but it would have been so nice.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

25 Sexual Questions

I got the idea from Artful Dodger…Try it, you might like it!

  1. I masturbate almost every day.
  2. My first orgasm happened laying on my stomach in bed around twelve or thirteen. I thought I’d had a heart attach and I was going to die like my grandfather had earlier that year. When I lived through the week I tried it again and again and again.
  3. The sound of rain and running water make me very horny – probably because I get off in the shower most every day.
  4. I lost my virginity at 16 to someone I was convinced I’d marry. Silly girl.
  5. There was no pain and no blood and the first thing he said was “That was easy.” He later admitted to thinking I’d lied about being a virgin.
  6. We fucked almost everyday until he left for boot camp
  7. His father came home once while we were having sex and I hid in a closet. Hiding was pointless, he had seen us through the window
  8. I regret I didn’t have sex with an earlier boyfriend first. His fingers are what busted my cherry, I’m sure.
  9. I now see sex and love as different things. I think you can have both with one person, but you can also have them exclusively.
  10. My husband has never initiated sex.
  11. I felt very sexy when I was pregnant, but didn’t have sex with my husband after I found out. He refused. It freaked him out.
  12. I love the feel of man’s hands on my neck and in my hair.
  13. Kisses on my neck make me crazy. Kisses in general make me crazy. Kissing is what I miss most.
  14. I believe I think about sex more than most women.
  15. I’m wet all the time. Really.
  16. I am incredibly excited by the idea of sex in public places. I think it has something to do with all the experiences I had in cars in high school.
  17. I’ve had only one experience with another woman, but I would like to do it again.
  18. I’m attracted to some women, but not as much as men.
  19. I think cocks are beautiful. I think I must feel about them the way some men do about women’s breasts. I love the feel of one in my mouth and my hand.
  20. I think monogamy is an unrealistic expectation.
  21. I was forced to have sex by a blind date when I was 17. I didn’t tell a soul and I feel pretty guilty about not telling. I worry about the other girls he probably raped.
  22. I’ve found that rough sex is an huge turn on now and wonder if its my own therapy for the rape, my way of taking control back.
  23. I’m not very good at phone sex. I know it and I wish I was better, but sometimes I just freeze up on the phone.
  24. Watching porn doesn’t do much for me. I’m not opposed to it. I think it would be sexy to watch with a partner, but that’s never happened. I do like literotica and still pictures.
  25. I don’t like playing games and am quite turned on by men that are direct. Come out and say “I want to fuck you!”

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Stress Relief

I should be doing a million things, but all I can think about is doing you. Am I obsessed? Addicted? Perhaps, but I don’t think it’s unhealthy – yet.

I’m having an especially stressful week, actually couple of weeks. I am so busy at work I can’t seem to get my head above water. I thrive on the stress though. The pressure pushes me to think harder and achieve more. I secretly love it, but would never admit it.

What I would love even more is to end my day by coming home to a willing partner, someone that would anxiously wait for me with a glass of wine and a hard dick. Someone that would be proud of my accomplishments, encouraging me to achieve any level of success I desired, while still realizing that he holds the key to truly satisfying me. Someone that could take pampering and submission from me on occasion but could also give it back to me when I needed it…

I’d open the door after a long day and find you standing there, waiting on me, with a smile on your face and a glass of wine. The sounds of music from the bedroom, the candles lit, I’d immediately know what you had in mind, and interest would grow.

Perhaps you would offer to give me a bath, rubbing my body with soft bubbles and oil. I would notice quickly how excited you were becoming just from the sight of my naked body and then the touch. Maybe you would just offer to undress me tenderly and start by rubbing my feet. No matter, we would ultimately end up back in the bedroom where we would kiss and touch and quickly forget the stress of our day. It would be kissing and touching and sucking. I’d want to take my time, gradually releasing everything that had built up, ultimately laying back and letting you fuck me until we both got the release we needed, falling asleep completely satisfied.

Some nights I would want to come home to something a little different, where you would demand that I work for you just like I’d worked for “the man” during the day, pushing me to my knees where I’d suck you until you couldn’t take it anymore. Then you could bend me over a chair in the kitchen and take me from behind just like I love. The urgency and passion of the moment would make it even better, clothes partially off, not caring who saw us through the kitchen windows.

Yes, that’s what I want when I get home. I want someone to want me back, someone to fuck me like there’s no tomorrow. I need it tonight.

Thursday, April 13, 2006


I rarely use a vibrator, not because I’m opposed to them or anything, its just not convenient. I learned how to get off with my own hand long before I had access to toys. My first vibrator was a gift to me from a couple of girlfriends. They knew I wasn’t getting any at home and offered to help. It stayed in my closet for months until I finally worked up the urge to bring it on a business trip. That was a very nice trip. It was so nice to be filled again, giving my pussy a small portion of the pounding it deserved.

After that I was sure to take it with me on trips, but still trusting my own fingers to take care of things at home. See, my husband would be offended by the use of it. And while he’s not interested in fucking me I get the impression that he thinks I should be just a celibate as him. It’s taken many years to get over that, but believe me when I say that I am.

Then, there was an unfortunate incident in a hotel, where my friend was left behind. (I may have just given myself away as I’ve mentioned this on my regular blog as well.) Finally though, with travel approaching I invested in another. I like the feel of it, mainly because I rarely finger fuck myself. I get off from rubbing my clit, but the vibrator gives me both, giving me a great clitoral orgasm. I had not achieved the kind of orgasm I have with I’m bouncing on a hard cock though, and I wanted it more than anything. So, I set out to accomplish it, being the goal oriented girl I am.

I lay in the bed one morning, all alone in my hotel, with my vibrator, some warming gel, and a desire to get the kind of orgasm I usually only get with a good man. I started by rubbing my slit up and down, getting everything nice and slick, with just a little vibration. I teased myself to a point that when I finally slid it inside my pussy, it was begging for it, grabbing hold even. I have incredible control over those muscles. I don’t know for sure, but I think my lover appreciates them.

I had plenty of time and took it, alternating between deep, pounding thrusts and slow, shallow pulses. While one hand held my tool the other was free to pinch my nipples and rub my clit, moving back and forth from each, finally settling on my clit, which was hard and waiting for permission to cum. I wouldn’t let myself cum that way though. I wanted something more this time.

I was patient, willing to give myself time to reach the top. After what had to of been more than a half hour, I was about to give up, when I felt I was getting close. I started hammering that vibrator into me, closing my eyes and telling myself it was the perfect dick. The harder I gave it to myself, the harder I wanted it. It just built and built and built. I was breathless and tired, but wouldn’t dare turn back. When I felt my thighs start to shake and the tingling start, I shoved that fake cock deep inside me, turned the vibration up and closed my thighs. I came over and over and over. I screamed out, nearly to the point of tears.

It was unbelievable. It left me exhausted and sore and confused. I went days without even touching myself. It was an experience I will never forget that I actually gave myself. I’ve never tried to repeat it again although as I type this I’m considering it. Of course, while that would be good, a real dick would be even better….

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Perfect Blow Job

I talk about it a lot. I’m sorry. You’ve probably become bored with my love for sucking cock. I hope you will give me this time just the same.

I spent the morning imagining your cock in my mouth. I do so love it. From the first time I sucked one until today it is my favorite thing. I suppose a lot of women feel that it is such a submissive act. I think that’s why they don’t enjoy it. I just don’t see it that way. I think when your cock is in my mouth I am more in control than ever.

So what would the perfect blow job be? I can’t say what it would be for a man as I’m clearly not one, but this is how the perfect blowjob for me would be.

I would start by teasing you through your pants, rubbing your growing cock, massaging your balls, squeezing them just a little. I’d do this while kissing you. I want you to feel my mouth on your mouth before my mouth is on your cock. I want you to think about the warmth and the texture of my tongue. The anticipation adds to the pleasure.

Eventually I will take my place on my knees. I am comfortable there. The bruises or carpet burns are war wounds I welcome. They remind me, like whelps on my ass, of a delightful experience. They are the notches in my headboard so to speak.

On my knees I would unbuckle your belt, unbutton and unzip your pants, pushing them to the floor. I am so happy to finally see my prize. I take you in my hand, gently stroking, using my thumb to tease the head of your cock. When I finally lean forward to lick just the tip, I watch you. The look on your face is priceless. It gives me a rush. With my hands on your thighs and my thumbs rubbing your balls I begin teasing you just a little. Licking gently. Alternating between licking your balls and licking just the head of your cock. I love the way you taste. I’m appreciative of how your cock responds, grows, and hardens more and more with each lick.

Finally, I wrap my lips around you, pausing a moment to taste that wonderful precum, swirling my tongue around as I place the slightest amount of pressure on my lips. When I begin to suck, I expect a response from you and usually get it rather quickly, with growth or hardness, sometimes a moan or a gasp. I’m careful to suck just on the end for a while, making you want it more, making you wish for all of my mouth.

My hands are still working away – rubbing your balls, maybe even squeezing a little. When I finally plunge my head down all the way on you I imagine the sensation makes you think you’ll cum right then, but you won’t. I’ll tug on your sack to make sure that doesn’t happen.

At this point I hope you’re hands have made it to my head. The feel of you running your fingers through my hair and yes, even pulling it, will encourage me all the more. As I bob up and down on your awesome shaft I pay special attention to the amount and speed of my sucking. I want to build you up, not just make you explode. As I feel you getting closer, I back off. I don’t want to rush to the finish. I want this to be the best you ever had.

My mouth will become tired at some point and I’ll know the time is getting close. When I’m ready, I will move one hand under your sack and begin applying pressure to that place just above your ass. It is only then that you’ll get the full force that my mouth can give, sucking harder and harder, faster and faster, tongue swirling.

When you finally let go and cum it will be in full force, spraying down my throat, filling my mouth with hot juices. I love the taste of it. I want it all and I’ll keep my lips around you until you give it all to me. I’ll try to keep up and swallow all of it down, but the slightest bit may escape my lips as I gently pull away from you. Don’t worry. My tongue won’t let it drip all the way down my chin. I do really want it all.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

What I Miss

The life I now live leaves me wanting things I do not have. I miss things, some of which I’ve had regularly in the past, some I’ve never known at all. This is what I miss:

Long, deep kisses. The kind that make you weak in the knees. The kind that take your breath away. The kind that last forever and cause you to completely forget the world around you. I miss these more than anything else.

The feel of someone next to me in the night. A leg over mine or an arm around me. Even more than that a hand on my ass or reaching for one of my breasts.

Dancing. Slow, swaying to music that can or cannot be heard.

Words of appreciation and words of passion. Thank you. You’re beautiful. What would I do without you? I need you. I want you. I have to have you.

Lustful looks. That spark in his eye that says he can’t wait to get me alone. The one where without a word I know he’s undressing me. I know he wants me more that anyone or anything else and would do anything to have me.

Time. Time to talk, time to touch, time to pleasure each other for as long as it takes to satisfy us both.

See I don’t need the flowers or the candy or the material things. One long, deep, passionate kiss would make me the happiest woman in the world. I’m easy really. I wish someone would appreciate that about me and give me what I really want.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Licking my Pussy

Artful Dodger did a beautiful post on a Man’s Guide to Oral Pleasure and I think he should win an award. It was a gift to the world. I would like to make copies and distribute it to all men everywhere. I also want to hunt him down and lock him in a room somewhere, but that’s another story. I won’t tell you what he said, just go read it for yourself and then come back to me.

I love all things oral. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’d rather suck cock than anything else. I’m satisfied just sucking cock and love to swallow, but give me a man that will lick my pussy, do it well and act like he enjoys it and he will own me! And doing it well really isn’t that hard. I swear if you will read what the man up there has to say you’ll have all the tips you need.

Along that line, I thought I’d share a recent experience…

I’d been waiting a long time. We had seen each other several times and had great sex, but his tongue had not tasted me in a while. I knew it, he knew it. I wanted it, he wanted it. The circumstances had not been right though. While he always makes sure I get off, I was still left with a need. I wanted that intimate kiss.

We had played and fucked and I was really quite satisfied when he started to finger my pussy again. It was still full of his cum, still sensitive from the fucking. I almost told him to stop when he started moving down the bed, spreading my legs wider and wider.

His tongue is like magic. I can’t always relax, but today I let go. I wanted to savor every moment, knowing it might be a long time before I would get this again. I closed my eyes and focused completely on his tongue, licking and sucking. The variety is what does it for me. He licks my slit from bottom to top, stopping to stick his tongue deep inside me, sucking on my pussy lips and finally on my clit. His tongue flicks and laps at my clit, making it harder and harder and sending my whole body into a shake. It was just minutes when he took one finger and pushed it deep in my pussy when I completely lost control. I don’t even know what kind of sounds I made, but I came so hard I thought my head would explode. And he didn’t stop then. He just kept at my clit, sucking and sucking, tongue rolling all around. It was incredible. It left me dizzy and soaking wet from my own cum.

Yes, he owns me. I am his. No matter who I fuck for the rest of my life, my pussy will always belong to him.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Worthy Quote

"Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free til they find someone just as wild to run with them."


Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Have you been with the perfect partner? Do you think there’s just one?

If you’d asked me that question years ago I would have said that there wasn’t such a thing. I might have even said what I’ve heard others say – mainly men – “The worst I ever had was still good,” but that was then and this is now. Isn’t it funny how you can be so certain of something and then have your eyes opened to a realm that you didn’t even know existed?

I have a connection with someone that is so strong I can’t describe it. Our bodies are completely in sync and we literally feed off each other. I’ve had good sex, enjoyed being with others, but nothing compares to this. There are no limitations or preconceived notions. There are no expectations and no disappointments. Its perfection – pure and simple. There is nothing that I could ask for that he wouldn’t give me and there is nothing I wouldn’t give if he asked.

The question then is – Why? Why is it so good with just this one? Is it knowledge and skill on the part of my lover? Perhaps. Is it purely physical? Our bodies do seem to fit perfectly. I’ve never been so satisfied. Is it willingness or the adventure or the attitude? I don’t know. Is it just luck? Maybe. Or is it fate? Is there really that one person that completes you (to use a cheesy movie line)?

Is the passion that makes it so perfect the very passion that would never let a real relationship be successful? Would it consume us and tear us apart in the end? Or, would we be one of those incredibly happy couples that I'm not sure really exist?

Just the things I'm kicking around today.

Monday, April 03, 2006


I’m a real bitch sometimes. It may cost me some readers, but I’ll admit it. I want what I want, when I want it. And if I don’t get it, I pout. And today I’m pouting. So there.

I was promised a day of pampering. I was promised hours of pleasure to be licked and sucked and fucked. I was promised orgasms – all the kinds I mentioned to you a few days ago. I was promised multiples and games and hours, yes hours of mind blowing, heart breaking sex.

And I wanted it. I really, really wanted it. I knew there were risks. I knew things could get in the way. I know my place. I know that there are other responsibilities and I really respect them, but I really wanted to get fucked today.

It didn’t happen though. It didn’t work out. And now I’m disappointed and yes, even a little pouty.

I should be used to disappointment. I should be accustomed to not being the top priority. It’s certainly not new to me. I’ve lived with a man for a very long time that sends me to bottom of the list. I’ve been given more excuses than you can even imagine. I really wanted today to be different though.

I need to feel close to someone. I need to have that connection. I’m craving touch and tongue. I want deep kisses and full body contact. I want to feel wanted. I want to feel like he’s craving me as much as I’m craving him.

Instead, I’m whining and bitching and moaning – all the things I do not want to be. Course, tomorrow is a new day. I’m sure I’ll feel better then.

What I Want Right Now

I’m feeling really naughty today. I came into work a little late. The weather has turned to real Spring, which means I have Spring Fever. I’m also rebelling just a little. I wore a breezy summer skirt to work and decided to forego the panties. So, sitting in my office chair there’s just my bare ass against the fabric of my skirt.

I’d like nothing better than to close my office door, lie back and let someone pleasure me. Is that selfish? I enjoy the giving and do all too often, but today I want to take. Today I want to feel his hands move under my skirt, up my thighs. Today I want to surprise him when he finds my bare pussy, just begging for some attention. Today I want to cum over and over again without regard for anyone else. I want my own pleasure today.

Its been so long since his tongue explored my pussy. I miss it. The warmth of his mouth sucking my lips, the feel of his tongue circling my clit. Thoughts of it, imagining it make me crazy. It’s a pleasure I do not get often and a pleasure that I yearn for right now. I want to feel his hands all over me, exploring everything, taking what he wants. I want to see his desire for me in his eyes and his growing cock. I want to be fucked like there’s no tomorrow.

Until then, I’ll sit in this office and wait. I will work as if nothing else is own my mind and try to ignore the moisture I feel between my legs as I squirm in my chair.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Trying Something New

To date, this site has been a one way dialog. I tell you my stories and you read them. I get an occasional comment, but never acknowledge them. I started this site for myself and had no intentions of making it public but thanks to the naughty google searches and a few Sugasms it has become rather popular. It averages 2000 hits a day now, which is truly unbelievable to me, given my regular, non-sex blog only gets about 200. And yes, I do have one of those. Don't we all?

Anyway, I'm feeling adventurous and super naughty this morning so I'm going to give you a rare opportunity....

Ask me a question, any question and I will answer. I will leave comments open to anonymous people if you really want to be super sneaky. I'll answer back in the comments section.

Don't worry I won't make this a regular thing. I get the dialog I need from the other blog, but I'm wondering if there's a way to pull the sex bloggers out of their "commentless" shells. Consider it a little adventure. Step out. Bend over. Try something new. Go ahead, give me one of those smacks on the ass that I love so much!

Go ahead - ask me anything...

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Faking It and My Orgasms

I was reading VBoat's Post on Faking and it got me to thinking. I know the subject has been covered in our little sex blog arena, but I will be glad to share my thoughts on it too.

Faking it...well, I won't say I've never done it. In fact, I know I have but not a lot. Really. Once I came to the conclusion that it was okay, there was no reason for it. So, with my partner I am honest as V suggested and if they ask I say it was great, but I just didn't have one this time. Its okay. Really.

I will tell you that there is one partner I've NEVER faked it with. Not to say that I've had an orgasm every time, but our connection is so great that even if I don't cum (but I usually do) its still great every time. Yeah, I know you are all jealous now.

I find myself pretty comfortable in my body. I also really love sex, all kinds, regardless of making it to climax. What I'm saying is, fucking is good for me whether I get off or not. That said, the getting off is awesome, so I want that too, but if it doesn't work out I'm okay with it. Its not something my partner did wrong, or a problem, the circumstances just aren't right. Faking it seems really pointless.

And, I have several different kinds of orgasms, as I've heard others post about as well. They are all orgasms, but they are also clearly not alike...

Clitoral - This is the one I can count on and the only one I can give myself. It requires direct stimulation to my clit from a finger, a vibrator, a stream of water from the shower massager or even better - a tongue. This is the first one I had, very early on and scared the daylights out of me. I thought I'd injured myself. These days, I try to make time for one of these every day as I know the motions and it usually doesn't take long. I like to think of it as stress relief.

Fucking - I wish I had a better word. I guess this is what some people call their intercourse orgasm, but that word is even worse. This one is just indescribable. Its what I get when someone is pounding deep inside me. Its when I'm totally into the fuck, mind not wandering, completely focusing on the fullness in my pussy. I can get this in a few positions - on my back with my legs over his shoulders, on top if I'm leaned forward, and from behind with my ass up and my head down. Its is powerful, so powerful that when I cum sometimes my pussy contracts so hard that it pushes my partner's cock out, which I hate, but have absolutely no control over. These leave me with shaking thighs and cause the loudest screams.

G-spot - Oh what a wonderful little button that is. I can't reach it with my own fingers, which really annoys me, but this is a good one too. Pressure on that spot with a finger or a vibrator or a dick is pretty good. It not like others, but a release just the same.

Anal - Now here's a new realm for me. I had no idea just how much I would love anal sex. I was terrified at first, but have found that I can have mind blowing orgasms from it alone or in combination with clitoral stimulation. In fact, I think the most powerful orgasms I have originate here. Again, I can't do this one alone. I don't know why, but the vibrator just doesn't do it for me in my ass. I need a partner for this one.

Multiples - This is what I affectionately call "the wave." Its when I've cum so many times that at some point the time between ceases and I'm just cumming and cumming and cumming. It follows all the above and usually takes some time to achieve. This doesn't happen very often for me. Its mental and physical. All the pieces of the puzzle have to be in place. I have to be completely comfortable and relaxed in the environment and allow myself to lose complete control. When it happens though, I imagine my eyes roll back completely in my head and I just disappear for a while. It feels like my whole body is exploding and that I will literally die in the process, but I'm fine with that. When I finish one of these I'm usually exhausted and giggle a little. I want one right now!

So, there you go. Everything you all wanted to know about Secret's orgasms. No naughty stories today. Maybe later.